Bharathi kannamma 10th February 2021 Written Update: Kannamma’s condition gets worse

Bharathi kannamma 10th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Baagya asking Shanmugam if he’s sad thinking about her daughter, Kannamma, who run away. She asks him to go to market and buy ghee so that she can make sweets for Thai Pusam and also give to Anjali. Shanmugam says she’s happy with her daughter while his daughter, Kannamma, is struggling somewhere. Baagya says she hasn’t stopped his daughter from coming here.

She further says Kannamma never gave him due respect. She always considered him as her enemy so she doesn’t even contact him once. They both argue. Shanmugam blames Baagya for Kannamma’s situation. Baagya taunts Shanmugam and angrily walks away. Shanmugam says Kannamma doesn’t speak with him because he had betrayed her yet he’s certain that one day she will speak to him. He prays for Kannamma and his granddaughter’s safety.

At the hospital, Kannamma is struggling for her life. The nurse says to Bharathi that there’s no improvement in the patient’s condition. Bharathi says someone should be always there with the patient. Bharathi thinks Kannamma herself spoiled their happy life, and insulted his love, if she hadn’t betrayed him, they wouldn’t have been in this situation. He’s about to leave, but stops hearing Kannamma whispering ‘Mama’. He looks at her with teary eyes then he goes out.

Bharathi announces to Tulasi that Kannamma’s lungs are affected very badly. He checked with his one friend, who is a lung specialist, he has prescribed an injection which will cost 80,000 Rs. If they injected her that injection there are lot of chances for Kannamma to recover within 24 hours, else it’s almost difficult for her to recover. Tulasi says neither she nor kannama has 80,000. Bharathi angrily asks what he can do in this, she has to arrange the money. He asks her to let him know after arranging the money so he can give her the injection’s name and leaves. Tulasi thinks the person, who helps everyone, acts rudely with his own wife, because he suspects her fidelity. She cries wondering how to arrange the money.

Lakshmi comes back home. She searches for Kannamma. She wonders where she has gone. She’s already sick and often feels dizziness. She thinks of asking to Sumadhi. Just then Sumadhi comes there searching for Kannamma. Lakshmi cries saying her mom is missing. She’s worried for her mom. Sumadhi assures her that Kannamma will be fine. She phones Kannamma but her phone is switched off. Lakshmi cries more. Sumadhi suggests to come to her house until her mom comes back. Lakshmi refuses. She prays to God for Kannamma’s safety.

Soundarya is tensely pacing forth and back holding Kannamma’s photo frame. Mallika brings coffee for Soundarya. The latter shares with Mallika that she’s feeling strange since last night. She was getting nightmares. Mallika suggests her to have the coffee then sleep for a while. As Soudarya is struggling to hold the hot coffee cup, Kannamma’s photo frame slips from her hand and falls down and the coffee cup falls over it shocking Soudarya.

Tulasi is struggling to arrange money. The nurse asks Tulasi to arrange the money quickly. Tulasi says she’s not able to get the money, but Bharathi could treat Kannamma for free, but he’s refusing to help her. She cries thinking if something happens to Kannamma, Lakshmi will become orphan. She thinks of seeking help from Soundarya knowing that Kannamma will definitely scold her. She tries to phone Soundarya.

Bharathi comes. He asks Tulasi if she has arranged money, if Kannamma doesn’t get injected in time, her state will get worse. Tulasi says she asked to everyone, but couldn’t get the money. 80,000 is a huge about for us. She requests Bharathi to help, as Kannamma has no one to help her. Bharathi calls the nurse. He writes the injection name on the prescription sheet. He gives the prescription and money to Tulasi asking her to buy the injection immediately. Tulasi thanks him and rushes to the pharmacy.

The episode ends.