Bharathi kannamma 10th January 2023 Written Update: Paandi’s wicked Scheme

Bharathi kannamma 10th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Paandi waiting for Kannamma in groom’s room. Kannamma knocks on the door. He hides inside the restroom. Paandi’s henchman brings few villagers there to help Paandi. Kannamma goes inside and takes the nuts items and goes out. Villagers asks what’s she doing here? Someone says she is here to cook. After Kannamma leaves Paandi comes out in messed up look to confuse everyone. He creates a image there that he spend time with Kannamma. His henchman asks Paandi what he did with Kannamma inside? He lies to them that he spent time with her. He is gossipping about Kannamma in front of them. His henchman asks Paandi how did he impressed Kannamma? She pretends like a good woman. Paandi says that everyone has their own needs. Kannamma asked him to buy a scooty for her. She isn’t able to roam here and there in sunlight. So he gifted that to her. She came to thank her in room. Doesn’t they saw them together? Paandi asks them to hide this matter from everyone and leaves. His henchman says to his friends that he didn’t expected this from Kannamma. Her husband waiting to live with her. But she spent time with Paandi for a scooty.

His mom used to say she wants to find a girl like Kannamma to arrange his wedding. She said Kannamma is a well mannered and culture person. But today she proved it as wrong. He wants to say this to his mom first. Paandi smirks hearing it. Later, Villagers are discussing about Kannamma and Paandi. They are gossiping about her. This news spread around the whole village. Some people are supporting her but some believes that rumour. They believes that Paandi gifted that scooty to Kannamma. Later, Tamarai waiting to buy ration items.

Kannamma cross them in scooty. Tamarai waves at her. One lady asks her who she is? She tells her she is Kannamma. One lady tells her that Kannamma brought new scooty for her business. She is feeling proud of her seeing her growth. She is leading a happy life without her husband support. Another one lady comments that she knew the secret behind her growth. She isn’t growing in her hardwork. It’s a shame to discuss about her. Few ladies asks her to explain them what happened. Tamarai questions her why she is badmouthing on her? She answers her that Paandi brought this scooty for her. In Kalyaani’s Baby ceremony function many people saw Paandi and Kannamma came out of the room sweating. She is sure they didn’t learnt how to grind the masala inside. Kannamma is a new keep of Paandi. Everyone thought she is developing her business in hardwork. But it seems she did the same busines in Chennai too. Tamarai gets furious hearing it. She argues with the villagers for Kannamma. She supports Kannamma in front of them. Tamarai feels that Kannamma will be hurt to hear it.

Paandi demands his henchman to stop his car in front of Kannamma. Villagers thinks that rumours were true it seems. That is why he stopped the car in front of Kannamma’s house. Bharthi argues with him. Paandi creates a misunderstanding there. He knocked on Kannamma’s door and asks Hema to give water. Hema gives water to him. He tries to touch her.

Hema demands him to stop touching her. Bharathi dislikes it. Villagers are gossiping about Kannamma. Meanwhile, Shop owner refuses to accept Kannamma’s masala items. Kannamma asks her to don’t deny it. Kannamma gets hurt to hear their words. Later, Paandi and his friends are enjoying the drinks outside. He gets happy to hear that villagers are badmouthing about Kannamma.

Episode ends