Bharathi kannamma 10th November 2022 Written Update: Hema’s firm decision

Bharathi kannamma 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma informing to Hema that Soundary plead with her to don’t take Hema from their house. She convinced herself for her happiness. She thought that Hema will get grandparents and dad love here. That is why she left her here. But when she said she was an orphan she isn’t able to accept it. She swear to her that she is her daughter.

Hema asks Soundarya what’s she saying? Soundarya says to her that Kannamma is right. They lied to her these many years she is Kannamma’s daughter. She shouldn’t have lied to her like that. Everyone reveals to Hema that she is Kannamma’s daughter. Anjali says to her that they lied to her. Both Hema and Lakshmi are twins. She might accept the truth. Hema hugs Kannamma emotional. Bharathi gets hurt to see them together.

Hema mentions Kannamma as Samayal Amma. She says to her that she shouldn’t mention her as Samayal Amma anymore. She mentions her as Amma emotionally. Kannamma gets emotional hearing it. Hema says that she isn’t orphan anymore. She requests her to carry her and give a kiss to her. Kannamma hugs her emotionally and kiss her. Family members gets happy to see their bond but Bharathi feels hurt.

Kannamma says to Hema that she is not an orphan. She shouldn’t create issue here. She advise her to stay here. Hema denied it resoning she learnt about her mom. She wants to stay with mom. Soundary took her from the orphanage. She wants to stay with her mom and Lakshmi in her house. She craved to get a mom like Kannamma. She is adamant to go with Kannamma.
Kannamma says to Hema that she is able to understand her feelings. But Bharathi and his family loves her a lot. Hema says that she isn’t deny it. But she wants to stay with her mom.

Kannamma asks her to understand the situation. Hema asks Soundarya will she stop her? Doesn’t her both son living with her? How does it feel when her son living far from her? Soundary says that she is saying the truth. Venu says to her that Hema isn’t wrong here. She used to cry for her mom. They didn’t show proper care on her. They separated mom and daughter these many years. That is enough. Venu asks Kannamma to take Hema from here.

She might stay with her. Akhil adds that he used to advise them to reveal the truth to Hema. But they didn’t listen to him. That is why she is in this state. They separated Hema from her mom for Bharathi’s happiness. They shouldn’t hurt Hema for him anymore. Anjali asks her to feel the mother’s love. Kannamma says to her that she is able to understand her situation. But she wants to think about Bharathi too. Hema says to Bharathi that he take a good care on her. He considered her as his own daughter. She won’t deny that he treated her well. She wants to stay with her mom. Don’t misunderstand that she will forget him.

She will often visit his house to meet them. She doesn’t like him lying to her. Bharathi adds that family members are not talking with him. But her ignorance hurting him more than that. It’s hard for him to live without her. He needs her. Hema says to him that she will stay with him whenever she miss him. Hema requests Kannamma to leave from there. Kannamma takes her from there. Bharathi emotionally break down after see it. Soundarya pleads with Kannamma to take Hema here often. She hugs Hema and gives a kiss to her. Hema and Bharathi stares each other emotional. Kannamma leaves from there taking her kids.

Episode end