Bharathi kannamma 11th August 2022 Written Update: Soundarya slaps Venba

Bharathi kannamma 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba notices Soundarya in super market and thinks if she get caught she will be in trouble. Venba tried to escape from her. But Soundarya didn’t let her leave. Venba pretends like asks Soundarya why is she here? Usually servants used to buy things for her right?

She asks her to give list to her she will purchase it for her. Soundarya asks her to stop acting in front of her. She is well aware who is she? She doesn’t know about her crimes? Kannamma didn’t shared it to her. If she alert her about it before then she would have killed her. If Bharathi didn’t stopped her in function them she would have killed her there. She strangled her neck in anger. Soundarya tells her she don’t need 5 minutes to kill her but she is leaving her for Sharmila’s sake. She demands her to marry the person whom Sharmila choose for her?

If she dare to mess with her son, daughter in law and grand kids life then she won’t keep quiet. She won’t leave her for tried to harm Kannamma. She will definitely take revenge on her for it. She is well aware how will she leave from Bharathi’s life. Soundarya slaps her in anger. She tells her it’s just advantage settlement is on the way. Wait and see the result.

Venu returns to home he notices Akhil there but walks away. Akhil stops him and enquires him why didn’t he talk with them? Venu lies to them that he went to meet his friend Krishnamoorthy for meeting. He asks him who is it he didn’t know him? Venu shares to him he is new friend they didn’t know him.

Akhil shares to Venu that Bharathi returned to home and lashes out at them for hiding the truth from Bharathi. He came to know Lakshmi is aware whom is her father. Bharathi misunderstood that they lied to her and using her against Bharathi. Venu tells him it’s good all truth unveiled. Hope they will get a good solution for their problems. Akhil says that he alerted them about it before but no one listened to him at all. He convinces him.

Venu thinks that he can guess there is some problem in his health. He hopes before he closing his eyes Bharathi will unite with Kannamma. Meanwhile Shanti helps Venba. Shanthi curses Soundarya for slapped Venba. She adss that Soundarya not only slapped her but warned her she won’t leave her at all. Shanthi asks her what else she can able to do? Will she set goons to beat her?

Venba tells her she won’t stoop so low like her. She is brilliant criminal. She fears what will she do? Meanwhile they hears calling bell. Shanthi gets shock to see Rohith is back. She says to him they was happy when did he left the house. Why did he came back? Sharmila comes there surprising her. Rohith tells her he went to pick her up from airport. Sharmila enquired about Venba’s health. Venba asks her why did she came back without informing her?

Sharmila tells her it’s her house and she is her daughter so she can come back often. Venba tells her she didn’t mean it. Just asking. Soundarya comes there giving shock to all. Sharmila welcomes her happily. Soundarya asks Sharmila when will she gonna fix Venba’s marriage? Sharmila tells her that she needs time to do it. Soundarya pressures her to do it. Sharmila assures her that she will arrange engagement asap. Soundarya assures her she will arrange everything for her. Venba gets angry on her for it. Sharmila tells her she has no option then listening to her.

Episode end