Bharathi kannamma 11th November 2022 Written Update: Kannamma shares a quality time with her daughters

Bharathi kannamma 11th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma taking her both daughters to her home. Kannamma asks Hema to come inside. Hema demands her to take arthi to her. Kannamma asks her why she is asking her to take arthi. Hema tells her that Soundary used to take arthi them something good happens. She used to visit her house as a normal person. But today she is going to enter inside as her daughter.

Kannamma assures her to take arthi to both Lakshmi and Hema. Hema is excited to stay with her. Lakshmi shares to Hema that her sister came to her home. Hereafter she will play with her. Hema lays on Kannamma’s lap. Hema asks her Is she really her mom? Kannamma assures her that she is her mom. She gave birth to her. Kannamma Pampers Hema there. Lakshmi complaints that she forget her when she got her new daughter. Kannamma shares to her that both are same to her. She pampers both of them.

Sharmila shares to Rohith that she didn’t expected that Venba will abort this baby. Rohith adds that he shouldn’t have consummated with her before marriage and she got pregnant. He dreamt a lot to upbringing that baby. Sharmila says that she ruined our happiness. She killed that baby for her selfishness.

Rohith tells her that she wouldn’t have fell down intentionally. Sharmila says that she did it intentionally. Rohith supports her. Sharmila thanks him for taking Venba’s side. Sharmila says to him that she feels ashamed to mention her as her daughter. Rohit assured her to don’t leave Venba in any situation. He loves her till he close his eyes. Later, Bharathi thinks that Kannamma knew well that Hema is everything to him.

Though she separated her from him. He starts breaking the things in his room. Venu hears the sound and informs Soundary about it. Soundary tells him that he was breaking the things in anger. He isn’t able to live without Hema. Let him suffer. Meanwhile, Anjali alerts Akhil about it. Akhil says to her that she shouldn’t mind about him. He is breaking things in anger. If they goes to check him then he will blame them unnecessary. He asks her to sleep.

Meanwhile, Hema wakes up. Lakshmi gives coffee to her. Hema inquires her about Kannamma. Lakshmi informs her that she went out. Hema asks her Does she know to prepare coffee? Lakshmi tells her that mom prepared it and kept it in flask for her. She helps Hema to blow the coffee. Hema admired her. She tells her that she is elder sister to her. She asks her to say the meaning of elder sister. Hema says that she born before her. Lakshmi tells her that elder sister means second mom. When mom is not in home she wants to take a proper care on her like a mom. Hema gets happy and hugs her. Later, Akhil noticed the room was messed up. He asks Bharathi what’s this? Why is he showing his anger to this furniture?

Bharathi says to him that they are pretending like care for him. Akhil tells him that he really cares for him. Because he is her brother. Everything happened because of his wrong decision. Why did he went to marry that Venba? Doesn’t he know her true face? Bharathi tells him that she threatened him to marry her. Akhil asks him Is he fool to believe her? He was an educated doctor. If he tried to help her in another way he would have convinced mom. But he tried to marry that Venba. Bharathi tells him that he has a honest reason behind it. Akhil demands him to say it out. Bharathi reveals to him that he took DNA test for Hema and Lakshmi.

Episode end