Bharathi kannamma 12th August 2022 Written Update: Hema learns the truth

Bharathi kannamma 12th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma returns to home and finds out house already open. She notices Lakshmi sleeping. She wakes her and enquires her why did she sleeping early. She avoids Kannamma. She doubts what happened to her? She remains whar happened in school. Lakshmi starts crying thinking about her incident. She shares to Kannamma that she break her promise. She revealed to Bharathi that he is her father even after Kannamma warned her to don’t talk about it.

Bharathi attend the meeting for Hema so she asked him to attend it for her. He didn’t attend it for her. He didn’t even consider her as a kid there and ignored her. He denies her request. Everyone came to attend their kids parents teachers meeting but no one came for her. Why did Bharathi hates her and Kannamma this much. She feels loney there. Why did Bharathi didn’t give heed to her request at all?

Kannamma consoles her to don’t cry. she complaints to her mom that she couldn’t understand her feelings at all. She couldn’t attend the class after that incident. Kannamma hugs her in consoling way. Lakshmi asks her Is she done wrong today? She shouldn’t have said like that to him right? Kannamma says to her she didn’t done anything wrong. She done a right thing. Kannamma says to her as a kid she couldn’t bear his hateness towards her. Even elders they can’t able to accept it then how will she accept it.

Lakshmi tells her that she just asked him to be her father one day. She adds that she won’t call him as father hereafter. Kannamma demands her to call him as father hereafter. Why should she deny her rights? Doesn’t he ignore her request to be her father? She might call him as father hereafter. Lakshmi asks her will he accept her as his daughter? Kannamma says to her that he might accept her. Lakshmi thinks that Bharathi loves Hema a lot. It’s better to share with Hema both have same father. Kannamma leaves to cook for her.

Next day in school. Hema waits for her lunch box. Lakshmi says to her that mom gave lunch for her. Both shares the food with each other. Lakshmi informs to her that she find out who is her father? Hema tells her she didn’t share it to her yet. Lakshmi says to her that she thought she will misunderstand her. Lakshmi says to her that Bharathi is her dad. She gets shock to hear it. Hema says to her that she will enquire her family members about it. Lakshmi tells her that she can ask this to anyone. No one will lie in this matter.

Soundarya and Kannamma comes there to bring lunch. She asks Hema why did she looking so dull? Hema asks her Is Bharathi Lakshmi’s father? Soundarya nods with her. Hema gets shocked to hear it. She adds that Hema is not her mom but Kannamma. Bharathi lies to her in birthday function. Both are Kannamma’s daughter. They are twins. Bharathi gets shocked seeing the dream. He doubts what if Lakshmi share the truth to Hema? He can’t able to accept Hema misunderstanding him. He wishes to separate Hema from there.

Later Rohith pretends like talking with his dad on phone. Venba notices him and says to Shanti that he gonna play a drama with Sharmila. As she said he plays an drama with Sharmila. Venba gets happy when did he said to Sharmila that his dad didn’t give permission to his marriage. Sharmila says to him let’s talk with his dad. He denies it reasoning he is angry man what if he do anything to her. Sharmila asks him what’s the solution. He tells her lets stop this wedding.

Episode end