Bharathi kannamma 12th May 2021 Written Update: Bharathi gets upset

Bharathi kannamma 12th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Soundarya assures to Kannamma that she will hide Lakshmi identity from Bharathi. Kannamma says to her she will send her. Soundarya says to her that she wishes to stay here with her but she is not doing it because she will be a burden to her. Kannamma asks her to stay here reasoning she will never be burden to her. She will treat her as a another daughter of her. Soundarya says to her that she didn’t expect this answer from her. Soundarya says to her that she is feeling tired. Kannamma asks her to take rest inside bedroom. She deny it and says on mat. Kannamma is taking care of her. Shanthi thinks that Venba may meet Bharathi now. He will say that matter to her now.

Venba will be on cloud nine after hearing it. After it both will roam around in car and come back to home lately. She wants to stay awake to see her happiness. She waited for him 8 years and loving him even after he married to someone. She separated him and waited for him till. It’s showing how much she loving Bharathi. May people will say 1000 about this love but according to her she has guts to love him like this.

Venba has that dare to love him. Bharathi will definitely confess his love to her today. So Venba will give lots of gift and money to her after she returns. Just then Venba comes there happily and takes her inside happily. She says to her that everything happened as she said. He takes her to restaurant and proposed her there. She can’t able to believe it. He announced her marriage will happen in next week.

Venba is on cloud nine. She thank Shanthi for helping her. If she never lied to Bharathi that Kannamma kidnapped her then this would have never happen. Shanthi feel happy to hear it. Shanthi says that she is only thanking her or nothing else. Venba asks her to take money from her credit card. She can take all money from her account. Shanthi is on cloud nine. Just then she falls down from her dream. She gets upset after learning it’s all dream.

Soundarya is still sleeping there. Sumathi and Tulasi comes there. Kannamma signals them to keep silent. They enters in and learns from kannamma when did Soundarya came? Just then she wakes up and enquires about their well about? She informs to her just now. Soundarya question them Is they are going to celebrate anything? What’s the need to buy the pooja things? Tulasi questions her didn’t she said anything to Soundarya? Kannamma says to her that she slept that’s why. Tulasi informs to her that they are going to start new business today. Kannamma takes her down.

She shows two grinder to Soundarya and informs to her that they are going to sale Idly and Dosa dough to all. Sumathi says to her that she is going to maintain it but Kannamma whom spend money for it. Kannamma says to her nothing is like that thus business is common to all. They have their own work so Sumathi going to take care of it. She asks them to say the name. Tulasi says to her as Kannamma idly and Dosa maavu.

Soundarya appreciate Kannamma for keeping her name for it. Kannamma asks her to do Poona for it. Soundarya happily agrees and do pooja for it. She blesses them. Kannamma requests her to start the business today with her hand. Soundarya starts it for her. After her Kannamma and Tulasi follows it.

Venba is waiting for Bharathi in hospital. One person comes there taking his wounded daughter. Nurse questions her doesn’t she enough matured then why did she played with fire? He informs to her that she is innocent. He married second time so she disliked his first wife daughter. She burnt her hand in anger. Nurse feels pity for her. She takes her inside. Venba blames that person. She says to him that they marry two and three times according to their wish. Then why did he expect them to take care of their kids? Bharathi gets upset to hear it.

Episode end.