Bharathi kannamma 12th October 2020 Written Update: Soundarya pleads to Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 12th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with few people were around near the dustbin and talking about the incident. They are cursing the mom who left the newborn in the dustbin without mercy. Kannamma coming on that side thinking about  Venba incident just then she noticed the crowd there and ask them what’s going on there? She noticed Kannamma is pregnant so she asks her to leave from there because if she knows about the incident it will hurt her.

Kannamma forces her to inform her. That lady says to Kannamma somebody threw one newborn baby into a dustbin without mercy. She has no idea whether dog or cat bitten it. It’s so heart-wrenching to see that sight how merciless these people are? If they left that baby in front of somebody’s house or in an Orphanage it may be alive now. Kannamma couldn’t tolerate it she starts to walk away cursing that person. She touched her belly and talking to her baby that she will take care of it in any situation. She assures her baby she will be her protection till she is alive and won’t beg anyone to raise her baby.

Venba is thinking about Kannamma she is scared of her next move. She thought its good that she only got to know she set the rowdies to kill her not about the report. If she comes to know that she changed the reports she will kill her. Venba talking to herself to think something to stop Bharathi he is coming to her cabin before that she wanna use this situation favorable to her.

Bharathi comes there and sees Venba sitting in her cabin worried. He asks her why did she call him to meet her soon? She informs him that Kannamma came to see her. Hearing her name Bharathi got frustrated he ask her why did she allow her in? Why did she come here to meet her she can slap her right? Venba replies to him Kannamma slapped her and badmouth on her. Bharathi got shocked and ask her why did Kannamma slap her?

She lies to him that Kannamma suspecting Bharathi loving Venba that is why he kicked Kannamma out of the house she is doubting their friendship. Bharathi got angry hearing it and thinks how could she suspect their friendship. He asks her why didn’t she slap her when she looked down on their friendship. Venba replies to him she can able to slap her but she is pregnant now what if something happens to her baby that’s why she stays silent. Bharathi says to her that the baby is a problem because of it he starts to hate Kannamma.

Everyone showing concern for her because she is pregnant. Venba added she think Kannamma knew about the divorce matter she challenged her she won’t divorce him. If she does he will Marry Venba and live with her happily Venba suit to him well. Bharathi will live with her so she can’t allow it. Bharathi says to her she can say to her rights yes we are in love. Like a cheap woman Kannamma deserve this reply. Venba thought to herself she craved to hear it these many days. Bharathi decided to get a divorce from her at any cost.

Kannamma is in pump Soundarya car reach there. Kannamma surprised to see her there. Soundarya pleading her to come back home. Kannamma refuses to go with her reasoning Bharathi words were still haunting her. She can’t return there throwing away her self-respect. She is living with the courage and advice of Soundarya so don’t worry Kannamma will survive and bring her baby in a good manner. Soundarya asks to her won’t she come back ever?

Kannamma replies to her when Bharathi apologizing to her honestly she will consider coming back till then don’t expect her return. Soundarya keeps pleading to her Kannamma refuse to go with her and moves away. Soundarya stare her emotionally and leaves from there