Bharathi kannamma 13th August 2022 Written Update: Venu avoids Soundarya

Bharathi kannamma 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohith says to Sharmila let’s cancel his wedding because he has no option in his hand. Venba gets happy to hear it. Rohith tells her that he has no money in his hand. He is normal person now. Shanthi says to Venba that he stopped this wedding so nothing to worry about her marriage. Sharmila says to him that his father can’t able to stop them if they get married. Rohith complaints that he don’t have money in his hand. Only one rupees in his hand now. She offers 2 lakhs money to him. Venba says to Sharmila he is fraud but she gave money to him. She shouldn’t believe him. Sharmila tells her that she doesn’t know about his background he is highly rich person. Rohith thinks that she is believing all his lies.

Bharathi gets surprised seeing Hema got ready before him. She says to him that she got ready to go to school. Bharathi says to her she don’t need to go to school today. Venu and Akhil asks him why did he behaving like this? Venu says that Soundarya went to temple she will ask him why didn’t she went to school?

Bharathi says to them that he has no interest to send Hema to school. It’s his daughter he will take decision in her life no one need to poke their head in this matter. Hema says to Bharathi that she has test today miss will scold her if she don’t attend it. Bharathi says to her that he will take care of it. Bharathi says to Hema if someone says to her they will drop her in school after he went to hospital what will she answer to them? Hema tells him dad asked her to don’t go to school.

He asks her to check online class. Later He says to family members that he alredy made Hema understand it but family might understand his situation too. If someone dare to send her school then he won’t sit quiet. Bharathi thinks that they are trying to unite Hema with Kannamma right but he won’t allow it. He will never let Kannamma meet his daughter hereafter.

Meanwhile Lakshmi waits for Hema in school. She is detemined to reveal the truth to her today. She thinks that she shouldn’t hesitate to reveal that Bharathi is her father. Will she accept it or not? She feels disappointed when she couldn’t find Hema on class. She doubts Is she sick? Why didn’t she attend the school?

Later Venu starts cough in his room. He fears that Soundarya will listen to his voice and learns the truth. What if she find out about his health matter. Venu close the door. Soundarya is talking with someone on phone and hears loud noise. She thinks whom playing Tv loud? Venu vomits blood in bathroom. Soundarya notices door closed and knocks on door.

Venu opens the door. She asks him why did he closed the door? He says to her he didn’t hear her voice in sound. She notices him so excited. Soundarya asks him why did he closed the door? Doesn’t they used to open the door always? He tells her that he was dancing in room what if he see him dancing. He will be embarrassed. Soundarya keep questioning him but he ignores her question. She complaints that he is behaving weird. He advises her to don’t share to anyone here. She doubts why did he behaving like this?

Later Lakshmi waits for Kannamma in her cabin. Kannamma comes there and enquire her when did she came? Where is Hema? She can finish her home work after Hema come. Lakshmi informs her that Hema didn’t come to school today. Kannamma asks her doesn’t they come to hospital together daily. Lakshmi says to her she didn’t come to school today. She learns from Teacher that Hema won’t attend school for three days. Bharathi said it to them. Kannamma reminds Bharathi’s warning and guess that he may fears that Lakshmi reveal the truth to Hema. Later Kannamma calls Soundarya to enquire about Hema. She narrates to Kannamma about Bharathi’s decision.

Episode end