Bharathi kannamma 14th January 2021 Written Update: Kannamma supports Lakshmi

Bharathi kannamma14th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kannamma and Sumathi are sitting together and talking casually. Kannamma ask to her why did she changed her modern dress and wearing this sarie? She is looking so beautiful in that dress. If she is uncomfortable in jeans atleast she can wear leggeans.

Sumathi thinks that her husband tortured her a lot for wearing jeans what will he do if she do it? Kannamma praising Shekhar that he wish to see her wearing such dress but most of the husband don’t like to see their wife wearing it all. He even ask help to Kannamma its great gesture. Sumathi smiles fakely. Kannamma ask to her about her family? Sumathi replies they are love marriage so settled here.

Sumathi ask to Kannamma about her husband working in Dubai. Kannamma face went dull hearing it she ask to her did Lakshmi said this to her? Sumathi replies she used to mention about this all time. Even Manju asking to her when will her dad go to Dubai. Kannamma says that she has a good husband because he is loving her and staying with her always but some husbands are suspecting their own wife and kicking them out of the house. Sumathi feels sad hearing it.

Kannamma is in Lakshmi school she is talking with her principal. He complaint to Kannamma that Lakshmi is beating boys and behaving like rowdy. Lakshmi informs to Kannamma that teacher son stoled Jaya pen and didn’t give it back to her. When she asked it to him he says he will do like this because his mom is a teacher. He is not respecting to girls and pushing her down that’s why she beated him.

Kannamma ask the principal to send the kids outside. Kannamma says to them that she don’t find any mistakes in Lakshmi behaviour she beaten him for good. He stoled the pen its first mistake, he didn’t give respect to girl and pushed her down its all mistake but here you are only seeing her mistake. If it continues he will depend on anyone favour. Its wrong to supporting wrong thing. If she behave like an teacher everyone will complaint to her but she turns to be a mom there.

Akhil is teaching tables to Hema. Anjali is hearing song there her singing is disturbing Hema studies. Akhil scold her for doing like this. Anjali complaints that they are intentionally studing here to disturb her. Akhil scold her and ask her to teach Hema. She says to him Doesn’t she has no job then do this?

Akhil replies as yes. She is eating and sleeping in this house. Akhil talking in phone. Anjali beating Hema while teaching. Akhil comes there and lashes out at Anjali.

Kannamma scolding Hema for beating that boy and advising to her how to behave. Shekhar and Sumathi comes there to bring chicken curry. He support Hema. He ask Kannamma to eat with his family. He is feeding to Sumathi. Kannamma remember her moment with Bharathi seeing it.

Episode end.