Bharathi kannamma 14th October 2020 Written Update: Kannamma warning Gomathi

Bharathi kannamma 14th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Venu discussing with Akhil about Kannamma how much she is suffering at the petrol pump in her pregnancy state. Soundarya replies to him she is such a self-respect person she won’t listen to anyone there. Venu says to Soundarya lets our family go to her together and plead to her to come back then she can’t able to deny us. She will definitely come back to us. Soundarya says to him that she pleads to her that much though she didn’t come then we can’t hope for her return this time also.

Venu says to her them let’s help her through the owner of the petrol pump she knew about her very much right? Soundarya smiles and asks them in return did he really thinking she won’t think about it first itself? She talked with the owner and gave extra money to Kannamma but our daughter in law is very clever to find out she asked her to give it to her. Venu asks her how comes she find about it? She replies to her the amount is not tally like that she met her one day before so she connected all clues together.

More than that she left the petrol pump too in the fear of us bringing her back here. Anjali got happy hearing it. Venu ask her where did she leave? She replies to him that she is in one orphanage now. She asks someone to follow her and inform her whereabout from time to time. Venu says proudly she know about her well. Soundarya replies to him that she must follow her or else how comes she know about her delivery and baby?

Durga visits the orphanage and waiting for Kannamma he says to himself he will protect her like god Ayyannar. Everyone must cross him to touch her. Kannamma sees him and gets happy she walked near him. She asks him to come and eat something he denies it by saying he is full. Go inside without fear her brother is protecting her outside. Kannamma feels happy hearing it and says she has no brother so she is thinking of him as her brother. Durga assures her Venba or Babu must cross him to touch her so go in and take a rest. She leaves.

Gomathi ordering to Kannamma to cleaning Venu and Soundarya sees this and feels heartbreak seeing her suffering like that. Soundarya bangs her head and says how did she lived in our house like a queen but here suffering like this in this state. Bharathi made her suffer this much. She helps her sweeping the floor with a broom on another side without her knowledge, she then hides not to show herself to Kannamma. She doubt who cleaned the place and leaves dropping down her kerchief. Soundarya takes it and cries emotionally holding it. Venu takes her from there.

Gomathi sells milk packet without head knowledge Kannamma see it and warns Gomathi to stop doing this or else she will complain to police. Venba comes there and gives some amount to Gomathi and bribe her to kill Kannamma in her own way. She decides to kill Kannamma.