Bharathi kannamma 14th October 2021 Written Update: Kannamma Annoys Venba

Bharathi kannamma 14th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma tells to Soundarya that they betrayed her these many years why should she listen to them? She is determined to take Hema with her today. Soundarya pleads with Kannamma to give some time to them reasoning Bharathi will turns to mental if she take Hema from him? She says to her just give 4 days time to her at least she will plan something and send her to Kannamma. Akhil too supporting Soundarya. Kannamma questions her how will she convince Bharathi in 4 days? What is he don’t be convinced? Soundarya tells her that she is not gonna say the truth to him. She gonna plan something to convince him. Kannamma asks her to do it today then. Soundarya asks her to give some time to her to think. She is totally blank now.

Kannamma questions her why didn’t she thinked about it when she took Hema from her? Soundarya calls on Kannamma’s feet and apologies to her. She says to her she done mistake but she has no option then that. She adds that she tried in all way to unite them. Kannamma gives 4 days time to her. Kannamma questions her shall she feed to Hema and leaves? Soundarya pleads with her to leave from there. Kannamma reminds her only 4 days and leaves. Venba waiting for Kannamma with Lawyer. Lawyer says to her its getting late he asks her to come straight to court by saying he leaves. Venba gets irritate to see Kannamma coming there.

Venba questions Kannamma why is she late? Doesn’t she has any fear to meet lawyer? She asks her to get inside the car. Kannamma questions her where are they going? Venba mentions to her court. Kannamma questions her why should they go there? Let’s go to tea stall and drink tea first? Venba questions her in sarcasm let’s roam around Chennai and enjoy our day after that they can go there court. Kannamma agrees to her. She again question her why should they go there? Venba questions her Is she forget the wanna get divorce from court. Venba questions her Is she signed in divorce papers? Kannamma lies to her she missed divorce papers. Venba questions her Is she trying to play game with her? She will send her baby to north india. Kannamma pretends like apologies to her and tells her she will sign in new paper. Venba asks her to obey her then.

Kannamma thinks that Venba knew well Hema is her daughter though she intentionally playing game with her to see her suffering. Kannamma demands her to show her daughter first she will sign in divorce paper next. She just wanna see her from far. Venba asks her to stop acting. Kannamma pretends like apologies to her next second she threatens Venba. Kannamma is annoying Venba with her acting. Venba leaves from there warning her. Kannamma thinks that doesn’t she lied to her and tried to make her divorce Bharathi? It’s her own wish to divorce him or not? She is no one to force her to do it. Just wait and watch how she gonna annoy her here after.

Bharathi driving the car, Hema is sitting beside Bharathi. He is thinking why did Kannamma came to home and hugged Hema? She pampered Hema, she was about to say something but they left from there. Hema thank him for helping her friend. Hema says to him that her friend like her father a lot like her. He helped them without hesitating. Bharathi questions her what’s the need to thank him? She says to him that he taught him she might thank all whoever helping them in need. Hema asks him to drive faster reasoning Kannamma is waiting for her in home. Bharathi thinks that even he wanna go there faster to learn the truth.

Kannamma reaches to home, Kumar gives collection money to Kannamma. He tells her that today is lucky day because everything going well. Kannamma agrees with it and gives sweet to them. Kannamma says to them that she got two treasure. Lakshmi asks her to say what’s it? Kannamma says to her that soon one person gonna come here she will be with her always. She can be friend with her. Lakshmi says to Kumar that Kannamma is blabbering something. Anjali says to Akhil that Soundarya gave time to Kannamma. How will she separate Bharathi from Hema?its impossible. Soundarya is keep thinking about Kannamma’s words and hurts herself. Akhil and Anjali rushes near her to do first aid to Soundarya.

Episode end.