Bharathi kannamma 14th September 2022 Written Update: Saho threatens Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Selvam gets surprised seeing Bharathi and Kannamma in hospital. He teased Kannamma seeing her state. He says to everyone that Kannamma used hidden camera to expose Govindhan and sent Selvam to jail. But look at her state now. She is a hostage. He would have killed her when he kidnapped her. Bharathi saved her at the last moment.

Kannamma questions him What he will do? Police will arrest him again. Selvam says to Kannamma that he will come out of jail if he get caught again. But he won’t release Kannamma. He will take revenge on him. Bharathi questions him what will he do? Selvam gets furious and argue with him. Saho shares with him that he shouldn’t get angry on Doctor Bharathi reasoning he is giving treatment to Vedhachalam. He is important to us. He takes Selvam from there.

Bharathi noticed the Terrorist leaving to take food. He informed to Akhil that he injected anaesthesia in drinking water. They will be Unconscious in few minutes. They whispers it to everyone there. As he planned three terrorist fainted there. Bharathi alerted the hostages. He shares with them that it’s important time to us. They might keep quiet. He will check the situation outside and alert them. When he gets a chance, he will release everyone one by one. Hema and Lakshmi stops Bharathi there. Bharathi asks Kannamma to take care of kids and leaves. Few more Terrorist drinks the water and turns to unconscious there.

Bharathi injects one of the terrorist and make him faint. Kannamma and Anjali are checking whether someone coming to that side of not? Bharathi and Akhil noticed the Unconscious terrorist there and beaten them. One of the Terrorist noticed them there and alerted Saho. He starts checking for others but Bharathi and Akhil attacks him from behind.

Saho walks behind Bharathi and Akhil silent. He attacks them with pistol. Bharathi feels dizzy there. Selvam questions him Is he playing smart with him by showing his education? He adds that he would have killed him when he entered into his place. Selvam shoots at Bharathi’s side. Kannamma and Lakshmi gets panic hearing it. Later, Soundarya gets panic hearing flash news. In News, they shares they heard gun shoot sound. Last time they heard the same sound and find out Parasuram dead. He wasn’t doctor but a military officer.

Soundarya shares her fear with Venu. He consoled her. Jessy inquires Saho what’s going on there? Doesn’t he fulfilled his demand? Then what’s the need to shoot? Saho shares with him that he wants to deal with this mission in silent. But some people’s are not allowing him to do it. Bharathi is a hero right that’s why he playing smart with him. He narrated to him what did he done to him? Saho assured to them that he won’t kill Bharathi asap reasoning he needs his help for further treatment.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi and Hema scared the worst. Saho comes there and threatens Kannamma. He scolds Kannamma for played smart with them and talked against Selvam. Selvam demands Saho to kill Kannamma? Kannamma demands them to inform her where is Bharathi and Akhil? Selvam mocks at them. Anjali pleads with them to reveal what happened to them? Saho threatens them.

Episode end