Bharathi kannamma 15th October 2020 Written Update: Durga tries to tie the knot with Venba

Bharathi kannamma 15th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soundarya sharing her pain to her family seeing Kannamma suffering in Orphanage. She wanna help her in this situation but has no idea how to because she is finding out e erything soon. Venu says to Soundarya that Kannamma find out she helped her bacause she only ask the owner to raise her salary if she ask her to give equal amount to everyone then there is no chance to find out it. Soundarya agrees with it.

Venu says to her let’s donate to Orphanage then she will also receive all facilities from it. Akhil deny the idea because they are gonna donate to Orphanage without reason it will give doubt to Kannamma. She will guess it soon that Soundarya helping her in this way. They are thinking an way to help her. Venu gives an idea to them let’s donate to the Orphanage with some politician name. Like he is donating things for his birthday. Everyone agrees the idea. Nimmi says that they are wasting their money for whom left the house. Soundarya talked with the politician and fixed it.

In ashramam helpers delivering the  items. Kannamma comes there and ask to the warden what’s this all? Warden informs to her that our ward politician birthday is today so he donating all these items to our Orphanage. Gomathi gets happy seeing the things she decided to sale it all without anyone knowledge there.

Two more staffs comes there and says to her that politician ask them to fix the cctv camera here for girls safety. Warden accept it and ask them to fix it. Gomathi stammers and ask to Warden why should fix cctv camera here we will lost our privacy. Warden replies to her its for our safety. Gomathi thinks its all happening because of Kannamma.

Gomathi is in kitchen and worried about her secret sale how will she sale things out under this cctv footage. Kannamma crossed her so she stops her and blaming Kannamma is the reason for the new change. Kannamma replies to her that she has nothing to do with this. Gomathi informs to her that she knew well when its happening and who will donate money but its all happened after she came here. Kannamma also doubts whether its Soundarya plan or not

Venba is driving the car happily Durga place knife on her neck from behind. She ask him to leave her but he deny it. He says to her only one thing can able to stop her playing in others life is marriage so he takes thaali and tries to tie it on her neck.she scared to death and pleading to him but he didn’t give heed to him. Venba stare police there and threaten him. He left her and ask to stop the car. When she deny it he threaten her and stop the car. He warns her and leaves from there.

Soundarya watching Kannamma through cctv footage. Her family also joined with her watching and gets happy seeing her playing with kids and doing works. After few minutes Soundarya watching her alone. Kannamma cleaning the ground Gomathi got angry seeing her so she complaint Kannamma not doing any work properly so she ask her to bring water. The way she bringing water made Soundarya heart break. Gomathi pushed away the water once she leave to bring another one. Soundarya get shocked seeing it.