Bharathi kannamma 15th September 2021 Written Update: Hema, Lakshmi Bond

Bharathi kannamma 15th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi complaints to Kannamma that she is feeling so bored. When will Manju and Sumathi aunty will come here? Kannamma informs to her they went to their native place she has no idea when will they return to home. They won’t come back to free from Lakshmi’s boredom. Kannamma complaints that many people are suffering without food but here she is complaining that she has no friends to play with her. Akhil and Hema reaches to there giving surprise to both Kannamma and Lakshmi. Kannamma questions them why are they here? Akhil says to her that Hema wishes to meet Lakshmi that’s why. Hema says to her that Bharathi brought this dress for Lakshmi. Lakshmi says to her that Bharathi is very nice person that’s why he brought this dress for her and send Hema here to play with her too. Akhil says to her that he took her here but she is giving credits to Bharathi it’s too much. Hema tells to Lakshmi that she didn’t tried this dress yet. Both kids leaves to try that dress. Kannamma questions her why did he came here surprising her. He tells her nothing important.

Kannamma shares to him that she learnt from doctor that she had twins. She enquired to Anjali and Soundarya both have negative answers to her. She is damn sure she had twins but no one giving correct answer to her. She pleads Akhil to say the truth. He lies to her that he don’t know. Kannamma asks him to don’t hide the truth from her. Who is Hema? Akhil says to him that they adopted Hema. Bharathi was in depression he felt lonely after Kannamma left him that’s why Soundarya bring Hema to home. As she expected he changed after Hema came. Kannamma questions her Is he saying the truth or someone asked him to talk like this? He lies to her nothing like that. Lakshmi and Hema comes out wearing the same dress. Kannamma feels both look like twins in that dress one is resembling her and another one like Bharathi. Lakshmi questions her doesn’t they look like twins mom? Hema questions her why did she mentioning her as mom? Doesn’t she cooking mom? Kannamma reveals to Hema she is her own daughter. Hema questions her why didn’t she say this before? She used to mention her as cooking mom right?

Kannamma says to Hema that Lakshmi wishes to become a collector. She asks her to reveal the truth to all after she turned to a collector. Hema says to her that she can’t able to believe it. Hema questions Akhil Is he know it before? He lies to her as no. Hema asks her to mention her as mom she don’t need to mention her as cooking mom. Kannamma thinks that Hema also can mention her as mom because her heart saying like that. Hema asks Akhil to take their photo. Hema complaints to her that she didn’t share the truth with her. Lakshmi says to her that Bharathi hate her mom so she hidden the truth from her. She won’t lie to her hereafter. Kannamma thinks that elders are lying. Hema bids bye to them. Kannamma hugs her lovingly and stares her emotionally leaving.

Anjali is lost in her thoughts Soundarya thinks that something is bothering her. Why did she sitting like this? She comes near her and questions her what’s bothering her? Why is she scaring for little things? Soundarya asks her to throw away all the tension from her heart. All woman’s must cross this time she gave birth to baby. She assures to her that medical science developed a lot nothing to worry about her delivery. She will give birth to baby soon. They are eagerly waiting to carry her baby. Anjali thinks that she can give a grand son to her as she wished. Soundarya asks her to stay in Kannamma’s house. She shares her wish to her. She wishes to see all are staying in same house.

Venu questions Soundarya usually she is the one ask Hema to visit Kannamma’s house. But today she reacted like this giving surprise to him. Soundarya says to him that Kannamma thought Hema is Venba’s daughter. She has no intention on that time. But today it’s different she learnt the truth she was pregnant with twins. She is trying do find the truth. She didn’t believed their words yet. If she she see both kids together then her doubt will be strong. Venu says to her that he didn’t think it that way. Venu says to her Bharathi gave permission to go there that’s gave surprise to him. She adds that he just wanna behave opposite to her words. She fears what will Akhil blabbers to her.

Venu consoles her nothing will go wrong. Akhil reaches there along with Hema. Soundarya enquires to Hema what did Kannamma said to her? She informs to her nothing much. Hema tells her that she was full after eating paruppu payasam. Hema reveals to her that Lakshmi is Kannamma’s real daughter. Soundarya and Venu pretends like getting shocked. Hema narrates to her whatever happened there. Soundarya pretends like shocked. Venu too joins with her. She asks Hema to go and sleep. She leaves from there. Soundarya thinks that at least she stopped in this point. Akhil shares to Soundarya that Kannamma is acting different. The way Kannamma staring Hema changed. Soundarya says it’s better to stop Hema visiting Kannamma often.

Episode end.