Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 16th March 2021 Written Update: Kannamma reaches on time

Bharathi kannamma and Raja Rani Mahasangam 16th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Soundarya and her family are waiting for Kannamma. Soundarya questions him why is she late? Venu asks her to wait for sometime. Soundarya replies to them if Kannamma didn’t come there then it means she is not respecting her. Venu says to her if Kannamma won’t come then she can participate with Anjali. Bharathi comes there with Hema. He asks them to leave soon orelse they will stuck in traffic. Soundarya and family gets inside the car. Kannamma reaches there Hema and Soundarya are feel happy to see her. Soundarya fears Bharathi will see her so she gets down from car and sends Bharathi from there. Soundarya uses this time and make Kannamma sit inside the car. Bharathi replies to Soubdarya that he can’t able to find her medicine box. Soundarya informs to him nothing to worry its in car. They leaves from there. Hema feels happy to see Kannamma also accompanying them in resort.

Sivagami comes out all dressed up to leave. Her husband praises her look. She questions Senthil why is he late where is everyone we wants to reach there on time. Senthil nods. Saravanan comes there and informs to Sivagami that he went to temple and brings Prasad. Sandhya gets ready to leave. Saravanan gives the prasad to Sandhya and wishes her best of luck. Sandhya is admiring him. Parvathy and Adhi is not going with family reasoning they have college work. Sivagami asks them to take care of the house in their absence. Sakkarai comes there and gives snacks to them. Sivagami asks Sakkarai to keep an eye on her house. Bus comes there and informs to them it will take 10 hours to reach there. Sandhya legs hit the door Sivagami takes it as bad omen. She discourage Sandhya before itself. Mayil goes to bring water for her. Saravanan questions Sivagami why did she discouraging her? Sivagami complaints that Saravanan can win if it competition about whom helping Wife alot? They leaves from there.

Kannamma is talking with Tulasi. Kannamma informs to Soundarya that Lakshmi and Tulasi will reach there before them. Hema drift into sleep. Soundarya shares to Kannamma that she doubt what if Kannamma won’t come? Soundarya replies to her that she believed her that she will come for her. Soundarya thank her for coming for her. She shares her grief with Kannamma. She says to her that she will be happy if Kannamma stays with her forever but it won’t happen. She feels happy for Kannamma agreed to stay with her for one week. Kannamma and Soubdarya are sharing the emotional moments with each other. Soundarya questions Kannamma Is Lakshmi asking about her father? She replies to her that Lakshmi is dicto of Soundarya. Kannamma says to Soundarya that its better to hiding about Bharathi identity from Lakshmi getting insult from him. Venu asks them to leave the topic.

Senthil and Archana are romancing in the back seat. Sivagami’s husband asks Saravanan to sing a song atleast to entertain all. Sivagami asks him to sit silently. Archana asks him to dance in bus he deny it. Sivagami’s husband pushing Saravanan. He falls on Sandhya. He is repeating it and blames Driver for it. Sivagami notices it and asks her husband to sit with her in front seat. Kannamma questions to Soundarya how many days she wants to stay with her? Soundarya assures to her that she will send her back soon. Hema wakes up. Suddenly Venu’s car tyre get bursted. Break is not working properly. Saravanan notices the car and follows them. Finally his car stopped. Saravanan family helps them and offers lift to them when they mentioned about the competition. Venu calls to Akhil and learns from him that he went to another route. Saravanan Family takes them to their bus.

Bharathi is reading book. Venba comes there and enquires to him about the family. He replies to her that everyone went outside for 1week. Venba doubts that something is fishy. She is asking about the details. Bharathi shares to Venba that Soundarya is sick. Doctor asks him to bring back Kannamma to cure her. He deny it so he send them out to free her mind. Venba suspects that Kannamma is linked with this incident but Bharathi unaware of it. Venba plans to being with Bharathi using this situation.

Both Sivagami and Soundarya’s family reached in the resort. All are admiring it. Venu and Hema are praising it. Soundarya informs to them that Akhil will reach here in few minutes. Sivagami praises the resort and admire it. Archana informs to Sivagami the first prize is 5lakhs. Sivagami talks with them negatively. Soundarya thank Sivagami. Resort staff gives key to them. Kannamma enquires to them about Lakshmi and goes to their room. Tulasi complaints to Kannamma that Lakshmi tortured her. Kannamma informs to Tulasi about the incident. Lakshmi leaves to roam around the place. Kannamma shares to Tulasi about Hema’s love on her. Tulasi thinks Hema is her another daughter. Kannamma informs to Tulasi that she will leave from here if Bharathi comes. Tulasi asks her to relax.

Senthil and Archana comes there with key. He informs to Sivagami that they only give two rooms to them reasoning no rooms available here. Sandhya says to them they can adjust with each other. Archana don’t like the idea where gents are going to sleep in one room and ladies in another one. They leaves from there

Episode end.