Bharathi kannamma 16th October 2020 Written Update: Kannamma final warning to Gomathi

Bharathi kannamma 16th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Soundarya watching Kannamma through CCTV footage. Kannamma pouring water into dub but Gomathi wasting it once she leaves. When Kannamma comes again to fill the dub it’s empty. Kannamma doubts how did it happen then leaves again to take water. Soundarya cursed Gomathi for treating Kannamma badly without showing mercy on her pregnancy period. She dials to Warden to inform this but she changes her mind to watch out how Kannamma gonna faces her.

Kannamma comes again and saw the empty dub again. Gomathi scolds her for her laziness. Kannamma wastes the water on the floor which she brought. Gomathi ask her why did she doing this? Kannamma replies to her this is what she gonna do after she leaves. She asks her what will she get by torturing her like this. Is it wrong to stop her stealing? She warns her to stay away from her and leaves. Soundary feels happy seeing Kannamma this side.

Soundarya watching Kannamma standing with Warden. Boologanathan reaches there with clothes for the people who stay in the orphanage. He talking nicely with them. He asks his assistant to fix all lights and fan quickly. He gives clothes and 25000rs for every woman staying there. Gomathi felt happy hearing it.

Warden thanked him for donating this much. He replies to her donating to good people is for his happiness. Kannamma feels elate. Soundarya staring Kannamma receiving the amount and clothe and felt happy. Venu appreciates their work. Gomathi asks him why didn’t he give the amount to her. He asks the warden Is she working here? Warden reply to her she fired her three hours before. She asks her why did she fire her? She replies to her that she won’t allow someone inside whom stealing everything. Gomathi glares at Kannamma.

Kannamma asks an old lady who counting money. Is this happen every time. She replies to her, not at all everyone used to donate cloth and food but none give money yet. Kannamma thinks a while.

Durga confessing to Bharathi that Venba playing in his life she is the sole reason for his mess. She makes him join in his house as a driver. She hired him to kill Kannamma. He even attempts to kill her twice too then he learned Kannamma is innocent. Venba doing this all to gain you in her life. She is loving Bharathi from her college days for that she created these gossips against Kannamma.

Bharathi got tensed and ask him to get up. He replies to him that he is lying he tried to marry Venba when it didn’t happen he is taking revenge against her. Durga tries to explain to him but he doesn’t listen. While security taking him out Venba stare him. She smirks and starts to trigger Bharathi. He replies to her that he won’t believe anyone whoever talking bad about her.

Venba thinking seriously about how to get rid of Kannamma. She is thinking Bharathi will be changed after see Kannamma baby face. So she called Gomathi to confirm how is everything going on. She informs her of someone donating to an orphanage and doing this all for Kannamma. Venba guessed it as Soundarya.