Bharathi kannamma 17th November 2022 Written Update: Bharathi is on cloud nine

Bharathi kannamma 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi wishing Happy Diwali to Hema. She adds that both are celebrating the Diwali together first time. Hema adds that they got ready in this new dress. But where is mom? Kannamma comes there wearing new sarie. They praises her beauty. Hema asks Kannamma doesn’t she wish her first? Lakshmi says that she wishes her first. Kannamma asks them to stop arguing on Diwali. Hema wishes to check the Gulab Jamun.

Kannamma clear to them that she won’t allow them to eat it until she give it to god. They nods with her. Hema asks Kannamma to teach her how to cook new sweets. Kannamma asks her to learn it later. Hema is adamant in her decision. Kannamma teaches her how to cook sweets. Later, Soundarya’s family reaches there. hema and Lakshmi welcomes them happily. Soundarya gifts new dress to both Lakshmi and Hema.

Soundarya asks Kannamma doesn’t she finished her pooja? Kannamma asks them how she will do the pooja after invited them to home. They finishes the pooja together. Everyone takes blessings from Soundarya. Soundary feels bad seeing Kannamma taking blessings alone. She prays god to unite Bharathi and Kannamma next year at least. Kannamma informs her that she prepares sweets with Kids. Hema prepared this sweets alone. Hema says that Kannamma taught her she just applied it. Everyone taste it and praised it. Akhil takes them out to lighten the crackers. Everyone celebrates the Diwali together.

Bharathi missing Hema a lot. He remembered the way he celebrated Diwali with Hema. He thinks that everyone are celebrating diwali but he is staying alone here. Later, Soundarya feels guilty for celebrating diwali without Bharathi. Kannamma comes there and asks her to taste the sweets. She asks her what’s bothering her? Soundarya lies to her as nothing.

Kannamma forces her to say what’s bothering her? Soundarya tells her that she is worrying about Bharathi. Kannamma says to her that she asked her to celebrate the Diwali with her. Soundarya says that she was happy to celebrate Diwali with everyone. But she isn’t able to accept that Bharathi staying alone. He doesn’t have hope in his life. According to him Hema is everything. She left him in anger. Bharathi refuses to celebrate Diwali without her.

Soundarya asks her to advise Hema to talk with Bharathi on phone at least. He will be happy. Kannamma tells her that she is able to understand her pain as a mom. She assures her to fulfill her wishes. She will send Hema near him. Kannamma calls Hema and asks her to listen her. Doesn’t they celebrating Diwali happily here. Who is missing here?

Bharathi is not here. He isn’t celebrating diwali without her. She is able to understand that she was angry on him. But she shouldn’t show it to him in such festival. Doesn’t she mentioned him as the world best dad. Doesn’t she loved him for true. Festival means ignoring negativity and welcome positivity. She asks her to celebrate Diwali with him. Hema tells her that she is missing him a lot. She wants to wish him too. Hema asks permission to meet Bharathi. Kannamma gives permission to her. Meanwhile, Bharathi is missing Hema a lot. She comes there to meet him. He gets surprised to see her there. She wishes Happy Diwali to him. She gives the sweets to Bharathi and tells him that she prepared it for him. He appreciates her cooking.

Episode end