Bharathi kannamma 17th October 2020 Written Update: Bharathi insulting Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 17th October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Venba is thinking about Gomathi words and doubt its Soundarya whom helping Kannamma indirectly she wanna confirm it so she calls Anjali to know what’s going on there? Anjali gets doubt seeing her call out of the blue. She attend her call and starts to talk with her. Venba ask to her how is she doing?

She replies to her she is sick with this family emotional drama. Venba pretend like nice to her and says to her that Kannamma left the house already so she is Soundarya favourite Daughter in law now. Anjali replies to her its not possible here Soundarya is always chanting Kannamma name here not only her but also this whole family is behind her without taking rest.

Venba ask to her why didn’t she talk with Akhil about it? She replies to her that Akhil is arguing with her whenever she takes Kannamma topic and warned her to shut her mouth. None supporting her. Venba ask to her that Kannamma is in petrol pump right? She replies to her that she is not there but in Orphanage. Soundarya wanna see her daily whatever she doing so she fixed CCTV footage in orphanage. She is watching her whole day sometimes rest members too join with her.

Venba gets shocked to hear it. Anjali added that she donated Money to Orphanage through MLA to help Kannamma there. Venba smirks. Anjali says to her that Kannamma betrayed Bharathi though this family is behind Kannamma that’s what she don’t understand yet? Venba provoke her to argue with him and disconnect the call.

Venba go to Bharathi cabin to say this. She start a casual talk with him about last day incident. She says to him that she wish to think about his words to marry Bharathi. He replies to her that he said those words in frustration and he apologized to her for that. Venba says to him she knew it but she would like to marry him.

Bharathi glare her. She apologize to him and says she said like that because no one will get a mother in law like Soundarya. She is keep watching Kannamma even after she left the petrol pump. Bharathi ask to her back when did she left? Venba inform to him how did she joined in Orphanage and Soundarya find it out. She wanna help Kannamma so she used MLA to donate money to the orphanage then fixed light, fan and A/c there. He even donated 25000rs and clothes to them. Soundarya helped everyone there for sake of Kannamma. Bharathi gets angry and says he has no idea about it all.

Venba added not only this Soundarya wanna watch Kannamma so she fixed CCTV camera there. She lies to him that Kannamma knew it though she receiving it. Bharathi gets angry and says to her today she is donating this tomorrow she will give our house to her and bring her back my house. He leaves to meet her in Orphanage. Venba smirks in happiness

Kannamma talking with one grandma there about returning the money to warden. Bharathi comes there make her surprised. Kannamma ask the grandma to leave seeing him. He tease her why did she send her away is it really shame to show her real self to them. Kannamma ask to him why did he following her she clearly said to him that she can’t able to give divorce.

Bharathi starts to badmouth her Kannamma reply to him just speak like this only few more days baby will come out and she will take DNA of it and prove that baby is his. He says the truth to her that Soundarya gave that money to her beg to him he will give more money. Kannamma reply to him that she may starve to death but never beg infront of him by saying this she throw the money on his face.