Bharathi kannamma 18th November 2022 Written Update: Hema confronts Lakshmi

Bharathi kannamma 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi tasting the Hema’s handmade taste. He praises the taste of it. Hema shares with him that mom said to her she shouldn’t forgot the help of him. He took care of her and gave place to stay here. She wishes to thank him for his help. Bharathi gets hurts to hear it. He pleads with Hema to celebrate the Diwali with him. Just lighten the crackers with him.

Hema nods with him. She asks him to wear new dress than only she will celebrate Diwali with him. Bharathi comes there wearing new dress. Both lighten the Crackers together. Hema says to Akhil let’s leave. Bharathi tells her that he doubted whether she will come see him on Diwali or not? He was emotionally broken. He got his life back after seeing her. He pleads with her to stay with him. Hema says to him that she promised to return home. Mom will search for her. Hema leaves from there.

Bharathi thinking about Hema in home. Soundarya reaches there and asks him doesn’t Hema came here to meet him? She prepared sweets for him too. Bharathi nods with her. Soundarya informs him that Kannamma whom convinced Hema to meet him. She send Hema here. Bharathi says that he might thank everyone for give a happy Diwali to him.

Later, Akhil brings Hema back to Kannamma’s house. Hema shares with her that she celebrated Diwali with him. He ate her handmade sweets too. Kannamma kiss her for listened to her. Lakshmi says that she isn’t giving kiss to her? Kannamma kiss her too. Latter, Teacher calls Hema and inquire her where is her dad? She needs his phone number to invite him as a chief guest. Hema gives his phone number.

Hema asks her to talk with Bharathi straight about it she won’t talk with him. Teacher asks her why she isn’t talking with him. Is she angry on him? Hema tells her that he isn’t her dad. She is staying with Lakshmi. Kannamma is mother of both Lakshmi and Hema. Teacher gets confused to hear it. She inquires her who is her dad than? Hema tells her that she didn’t asked her about it yet. Hema thinks that who is her real father?

Later, Bharathi gets surprised to see Kannamma in his cabin. He questions her what’s she doing in his cabin? Kannamma tells her that she came here to place this file in his cabin. Kannamma adds that nothing is precious here to steal. She assures him that she didn’t take anything. Bharathi thanks her for sent Hema to his home. He was happy to celebrate Diwali with her. She said that Kannamma sent her to his house to celebrate Diwali with him. Kannamma adds that she is able to see the happiness in his face.

Kannamma inquires him what’s his decision? Doesn’t she asks him to think about her words? Let’s forget everything and live together. Bharathi thinks that he shouldn’t take any decisions without seeing the DNA report. He denied it. Kannamma says that she shouldn’t have asked this to him and leaves. Bharathi thinks that he is ready to fall on her feet if result comes favour to her.

Meanwhile, Lakshmi noticed Hema sitting alone. She asks her to don’t sit alone like that? Hema inquires Kannamma who is her father? Lakshmi tries to divert the situation. Hema force her to say the truth. Lakshmi remembered how did Kannamma advises her to hide the truth from her reasoning Hema is angry on him. If she learn this truth she will hate him more. Lakshmi hides the truth from Hema. Lakshmi adds that Kannamma don’t like to take father topic. She advise her to don’t bring this topic to her she will be hurt to hear it.

Episode end