Bharathi kannamma 19th February 2021 Written Update: Kannamma is in dilemma

Bharathi kannamma 19th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is cooking sweets. Soundarya questions Hema why did she calling her as cooking aunty? Doesn’t she has name? Hema asks Kannamma to say her name? Kannamma hesitates to reply. Akhil calls Hema so she leaves from there.

Soundarya asks Kannamma to say her name. Kannamma replies to her that she will leave this house after cooking then what’s the needs to know about her name? She can call her as cooking lady. Soundarya replies to her that no one in her house treats the staffs in unrespectful way. Kannamma says to her that her parents gives Kannamma name to her.

Soundarya questions her then why did she leaves from them far away. Kannamma staring her emotionally.
Hema comes there so Soundarya changes her topic. Soundarya says to her that she has another one reason to celebrate Thaipoosam this year.

Soundarya says to her that her second daughter in law Anjali is pregnant. So she asks Kannamma to cook Anjali’s favourite sweets. Kannamma thinks atleast she wanna cook delicious sweets for Anjali. Hema questions Soundarya how comes Cooking aunty know about Anjali’s taste? Soundarya says to her let’s ask to Anjali then. Kannamma is cooking there. Anjali comes there. Kannamma looks around and hugs Anjali in happiness. She asks to Anjali Is she taking regular check up?

She informs to her that she checked with doctor last week. Kannamma touches her belly and says that she gained some weight. Kannamma enquires about Akhil? Anjali replies to her that Akhil changed a lot after knowing her pregnancy. Kannamma says that Akhil may crazy but he likes Anjali a lot. Kannamma asks about Shanmugam. She informs to her that she will go and meet him next week.

Kannamma assures to her that Soundarya will take care of Anjali. Anjali questions her will she stays here? Kannamma thinks that Bharathi got married to Venba he has one daughter Hema too so what’s the need to stay here. Kannamma deny it.

Kannamma cooking sweets Hema comes there and asks her to give one sweets to her. Kannamma asks Mallika to bring the elaichi powder. Mallika is searching for it. Kannamma finds it out. Hema teases her that even cookinh aunty finds it out. Mallika says to Kannamma that even after 8 years she still remembers everything about here.

Mallika says that she still remembers the way Kannamma and Bharathi shares the happy life here. Kannamma asks her to leave the topic. Soundarya comes there and questions Hema what’s going on in kitchen. Kannamma and Soundarya having a conversation with each other using Hema. Soundarya asks Hema’s cooking aunty to prays for her wishes turns to true. Kannamma nods. Soundarya feels happy.

Episode end.