Bharathi kannamma 1st January 2021 Written Update: Soundarya in misery

Bharathi kannamma1st January 2021 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Hema is drawing something. Venu comes there and question her what is she doing? She replies to him as drawing. He ask to her when did she learning this all? She informs to him that she learn it from online. She shows the picture to him and says she imagined how her mother looks like and drawn it.

Venu thinks emotional and says if Soundarya bring back Kannamma then she don’t have to worry about anything. She will get her mom soon. Hema ask to him how is it? He replies as good. She leaves from there to color it. Soundarya comes there disappointed and crying silent. Venu and Akhil comes there and question her what’s happened where is Kannamma? She replies to them she vacated her house.

Anjali and Nimmi happiness having no bounds. Soundarya narrates to them whatever Seetha informs to her. Soundarya says to them that kannamma saw them in village that’s why she left that Village. Venu ask her to think positively she may have some other reason to do it. Soundarya question him then why did she left the village after 10 days. Anjali thinks may she lived with Varun that’s why she left from there but they are not understanding it.

Seetha and Pazhani are walking in road after buying vegetables from market. Pazhani ask to Seetha did Kannamma called her or not after reached chennai? She replies as no. Seetha says to him that she forget to inform him one thing. Kannamma mother in law came seaech for her. Pazhani ask to her why did she came after 8 years? She informs to him that lady saw Kannamma in picture and came running to see her. He says to her if Kannamma hiding from her means she may not good.

Seetha deny it and says she was the one brought all clothes from them and paid extra money too. She felt emotional saying about her daughter in law but she has no idea she is Kannamma’s mother in law. She came in car it seems she is rich. Kannamma left that rich life and lived with us to earn 1000 rs. She came here because her husband suspect her but her mother in law wish to see them together. Pazhani advise her to inform about Kannamma whereabout to her.

Soundarya crying there. Venu advise her to eat something she refuse to take it. She thinks that Kannamma spend peaceful life in that village and stiched clothes for daily leaves but because of her she migrated from there. Venu ask her to stop stressing herself. Hema comes there and ask her to eat something and console her. Soundarya eat for her.

Kannamma ask to Tulasi did she in touch with Soundarya. She replies to her not much. After Kannamma left she stopped talking with her. Don’t worry she won’t inform about her whereabout to her because she already had enough. Lakshmi comes there and ask her to sale the clothes from gate. For Lakshmi they are trying to sale the clothes but all are asking the clothes for low rate and ignoring them.

Episode end.