Bharathi kannamma 1st November 2022 Written Update: Kannamma is thunderstruck

Bharathi kannamma 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi thinking why destiny playing this game with him? It’s confirm that DNA test result will reach to his hand after two days. He doubts whether to go inside to marry Venba or leave from there? He is doing a sin to Kannamma ans her children. Let’s take decisions after check the test results. He decides to leave from there before Venba noticing. He wishes to take decisions after two days. He doesn’t mind Venba angry on him. He about to leave from there but Venba stops him.

She says to him doesn’t she asked him to come inside when he reached here. He lies to her that he is searching a place to park his car. Venba tells him it’s parking. Bharathi tells her lets marry after two days. Venba asks him why is he hesitating to marry her? Nothing will change in this two days. Bharathi tells her that he feels it’s wrong. Venba takes him from there reasoning they are getting late for marriage.

Bharathi hesitated to go with her. Venba thinks that she is aware that Bharathi doesn’t have interest to marry her. But he might marry her today because he doesn’t have any other option in his hands. She already threatened him to marry her. Venba says to him he shouldn’t back off from his promise. She will kill herself.

Bharathi noticed the priest there. Venba demands him to give the garland to her. She is rushing him to chant the mantras asap. Bharathi thinks that he shouldn’t marry her before checking the results. Venba pressuring Bharathi to marry her. Kannamma reaches there and stops them. Venba demands Bharathi to marry her asap. Kannamma throws the garland and nuptial chain away in anger. She asks Venba how could she marry her husband when she is alive? She slaps Venba and insulted her infront of everyone.

Kannamma asks Bharathi doesn’t he have the common sense? Even a child knows they are not allowed to marry another one when their wife alive. It’s against the law. She says to the crowd that they are thinking why she is crating issue here? She was stopping Bharathi’s wedding. She reveals to them that it’s not their first wedding. It’s a secret marriage. He is going to marry this Venba when his wife alive. How could he marry her when she is alive? Police will arrest him for this. If he married her than she would have taken him to the police station without showing mercy on him.

The police is also not less they will give royal treatment to him there. He is a knowledgeable person though he doesn’t know this law. He complained that she is carrying the nuptial chain these many years not because the love on him. But she expected him to regret his mistake one day and come back to him. Kannamma challenges Bharathi to marry her if he have dare? Why is he hesitating to marry her? He fears that the police will arrest him. Kannamma says to him that his news will come in flash news. He lost his sense it seems.

Kannamma asks Soundarya why she is staying quiet? Soundarya questions him why is he humiliating her in front of all? Because of him she isn’t able to face Kannamma. Everyone blaming her upbringing. Soundarya says that she stopped his wedding earlier. She thought he took that decision in his blunder. But today he is again take that decision. He is intentionally doing it. She feels ashamed of him. His family members lashes out at him. Soundarya demands Bharathi to confess the truth. She demands Bharathi to give a reason behind his act.

Episode end