Bharathi kannamma 2 1st August 2023 Written Update: Venba slaps Vijay

Bharathi kannamma 2 1st August 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba saying to Sharmila that she doesn’t know who gave the news to the media? This news is the reason Soundarya allowed Bharathi to stay in this house. Vijay comes there. Sharmila complaints that he doesn’t care what’s going on in this house at all. He always enjoys his life by drinking alcohol. Vijay asks her not to blame him. She wouldn’t scold him like that if she knew what he had done? Venba asks him what he did? Vijay asks them if she checks the news?

Sharmila asks him if he read it in the newspaper? Vijay says that he gave that news to the media. He thought of ruining Soundarya’s image. How did everyone insult Soundarya? Venba pretends to praise Vijay and slaps him. She informs him that Bharathi and Kannamma have come inside the house. Because of him, she went inside the house. Murali says that he ruined everything. Murali tells him that he didn’t expect this to happen. Sharmila scolds him.

Later, Bharathi gives money to Soundarya. She asks him what it is? Bharathi asks her to take it. He says that this is 2 lakhs. He has only this amount in his accounts. He withdrew it. Soundarya asks him why he did withdraw it? Bharathi says that she complained to him that he was using her money. He returned the money to her. He is able to stand on his own legs. He can take care of his wife with his own money. Soundarya asks him if he took this extreme step to show his ego was hurt. Bharathi leaves from there. Sharmila says to Soundarya that he isn’t saying it by himself.

Kannamma provoked him to talk like that. She changed Bharathi within a day. She complaints that Kannamma may have planned something big against them. We shouldn’t allow this to happen. Soundarya says that she is not a fool to believe them. She is able to understand their tactics. She won’t believe him. Sharmila says to Vijay that he shouldn’t allow Bharathi to stand on his own legs. If he wins in his life, then it’s their loss. Venba thinks that she has learned that he is stubborn now. She wants to see how he is finding a job in his life.

Later, Bharathi is cleaning the room. Dhandapaandi brought the things he asked him to buy. Bharathi appreciates him for his work. He says that he is going to surprise Kannamma by showing his father’s photo to her. Later, Anbu waits for Shanmugam. He apologizes to Anbu for being late. He says that he shouldn’t have come late on his first day. Anbu asks him why he is troubling himself like that. It’s his shop. He can sit at the counter. He is able to work there.

Bhagyalakshmi says that he isn’t listening to her. He was talking about Anbu yesterday. He wants him to make a profit. Anbu is happy to see his excitement. Shanmugam asks Shanthi to bring food to the shop. She says that he usually comes home to eat food. Shanmugam says that he was alone at that time. He is going to work with him. He says that they will lose a few customers while closing the shop. He wants to make a profit for him, not a loss. Bhagyalakshmi appreciates his thoughts. Shanmugam and Anbu leave from there.

Bhagyalakshmi says that Shanthi hated the chicken shop. But Shanmugam came out of his trauma because of Anbu. She looked down on him. Shanthi says that she treated him badly. She feels guilty. Later, Bharathi says to Kannamma that he has a surprise for her. He said to her that she didn’t lighten the diya after she got married. He asks her to lighten the diya. Bharathi says that he is worshipping his dad’s photo daily. He asks her to see him. Kannamma is shocked to see him.

Episode Ends