Bharathi kannamma 2 31st July 2023 Written Update: Bharathi feels content

Bharathi kannamma 2 31st July 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi and Soundarya waiting for the collector. Murali says to them that the Collector came there along with the Inspector. He asks them not to make any mistakes. The collector asks Soundarya if she is the person whose name came in the newspaper? If her son and daughter-in-law are there? Venba says to her that Soundarya is upset about the news. If she has any questions, she can ask the newly married Bharathi and Kannamma about it.

Bharathi introduces himself and Kannamma to her. The collector asks him if Soundarya refuses to accept Kannamma as her daughter-in-law because of her background. Doesn’t she kick them out of the house? Bharathi says that Soundarya isn’t a person like that. She didn’t kick them out. Someone intentionally did it to give a bad name to Soundarya. The collector asks Bharathi what about the picture? She saw them sitting out in a tent? If he says it’s also a lie? She says to them that they shouldn’t be scared of anyone. She is ready to give protection to them.

Bharathi thanked her for visiting them in person. He says that she came here because of this rumour. He apologizes to her for wasting his time. Bharathi informs her that he likes adventure trips. But Kannamma doesn’t like it. That is why they stayed out in a tent. Someone takes their pictures and releases them into the media. Someone did it intentionally to ruin his mom’s name.

The collector asks them to clear the misunderstanding. He had to give the interview to the media. The media will trouble them if they fail to give an interview. Bharathi assures her. Bharathi gives an interview to the media. Bharathi clears everything there. Later, Bharathi says to Soundarya that everything is going as he said. He challenged her and she would call him to come inside the house. He came in as he said. Soundarya says to him that she didn’t ask him to come inside. Venba called him to come inside. She allowed him inside for the sake of Venba.

She wouldn’t have called him inside if Venba didn’t convince her. She doesn’t care if anything happen to her reputation or school. Soundarya says to Selvam that Bharathi and Kannamma doesn’t have the rights to use any place in this house except his room. They are not allowed to eat the food from her house. Selvam asks her how he will inform him about it. Bharathi assures her that he will take care of himself. Soundarya says that he shouldn’t think that everything will be alright asap. She won’t accept him. Bharathi says that he understands it. Soundarya complaints that he is still using her money. He is good for nothing. He didn’t do anything for her school or his house. But he is using her money. Bharathi nodded to her. Soundarya is surprised to see his reaction. Bharathi takes Kannamma inside his room. Bharathi asks her If she likes his room? Did she visit her before? She denies it.

Bharathi assures Kannamma that Soundarya will definitely accept them. He tries to get romantic with Kannamma. Dhandapaandi comes there. He apologizes to him. Bharathi gives a cheque to him and says something to him. Dhandapaandi says that he shouldn’t take her words seriously. Bharathi asks him to do it. Kannamma expressed her happiness for him. Bharathi says to her that he feels relieved after they come inside his house. He shares his happiness with Kannamma. They spend quality time with each other. Murali scolds Venba for allowing Bharathi and Kannamma inside the house. He complained that she created new problems. Venba says that she acted quickly not to make Soundarya take any decisions.

Episode ends