Bharathi kannamma 2 4th August 2023 Written Update: Kannamma reveals the tragic truth about Chitra.

Bharathi kannamma 2 4th August 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Venba saying Shanmugam that they are there to discuss something important with him. She asks him to come with her to Soundarya’s house. Shanmugam hesitates a lot but Venba forces him to come and they finally agree to come. Upon reaching there, Vijay demands Chitra to come out. Soundarya gets angry seeing Kannamma’s parent there but they say that Venba and Vijay brought them there. Soundarya asks why did they bring them home and they say they have a reason. Vijay shouts for Chitra and Soundarya asks who’s Chitra. He asks her to wait and again shouts her name. Chitra comes down and hugs her mother. Vijay confronts Chitra about her Identity. Venba reveals that she’s not Shanmugam’s daughter Kannamma but Chitra. Everyone gets shocked hearing it. They reveal that she’s not Kannamma but Chitra who’s from juvenile jail shocking everyone.

Vijay calls Dhanam and she comes there. She reveals that the person is not Kannamma but Chitra. She also reveals that she was in jail with her. Vijay asks why was she in jail and Dhanam reveals that she was in ganja case. Vijay taunts her. Everyone confront Chitra about her Identity and Chitra reveals that she’s Chitra and not Kannamma. Everyone gets shocked and Soundarya is terrified that she got a murderer in her house as her son’s wife. However Chitra reveals that she didn’t hide anything and already revealed to Bharti that she is Chitra and not Kannamma. She says that he married her after revealing her identity. No one believes her. Venba starts hitting Chitra .

Shanmugam asks her if she’s Chitra then what about his daughter Kannamma and asks where is she. Chitra reveals the shocking truth that Kannamma is no more. Shanmugam’s family is in for a shock where they were for their daughter’s death’. When asked about how she died, Kannamma reveals about goons killing her and Kannamma took promise from her to take care of her mother before dying because of which she’s there as Kannamma . Everyone accuse Chitra for lying and frames her for killing Chitra and taking her place. Chitra pleads innocence but none believes her.

Later, her mother shouts that no one should question her daughter. She says that she was sent by her daughter and from the day she set foot in the house,she only did good to her family. She says the world may say whatever they want but her she’s her Kannamma and hugs her. Soundarya days that she can be anyone but she can’t let a murderer stay in the house and tries to throw her out only to find Bharti standing outside.

Precap: constable reveals that Kannamma is the one who killed her husband and so ended up in jail shocking everyone.