Bharathi kannamma 21st January 2021 Written Update: Akhil accuses Venba

Bharathi kannamma 21st January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soundarya informing to her manager to distribute sweets to all staff working in hospital. She shares the reason to him that Akhil gonna be father soon. Venu comes there and asking to her now itself she start to celebrate it by distributing sweets to all. Soundarya nods happily.

Venu ask Soundarya to treat Anjali well in this period. She says to him as yes. Venu clears to her stop scolding her in her pregnancy periods may it hurts her. Soundarya replies she used to scold her because she wish to see her changing. Venu replies she is not Kannamma to understand she is scolding her for her good. Anjali is different from her. Soundarya ask to him about Bharathi? He replies that he went out tensed when he came to knew they fail to pick up Hema from school. Soundarya says that she doubts whether he accept Hema or not when she brought her to house but now seeing them together its giving immense happiness to her.

Bharathi comes there and says to Soundarya don’t need to pick Hema from school hereafter he will do it. Soundarya ask to him why did he saying like this to her? He replies that she gonna get new baby to admire so she will forget about Hema. Soundarya appologize to him for her mistake but don’t punish her like this. She forgot that in happiness. Bharathi ask to her how will she forget for 1 hour? Soundarya held her head down and assures to him it won’t happen again.

Bharathi leaves from there. Soundarya says to Venu he got changed after Hema came to his life. She turns to everything to him. Venu added that he is giving all the love to her which he supposed to give to Kannamma its good thing. Bharathi comes there to take key. Bhagya asking Shanmugam to take her to temple to finish some rituals. She prayed to god that she will do some rituals for Anjali if she gives good news. Shanmugam nods. Bhagya speaking with her mom frame emotionally about Anjali. Shanmugam stops her and says stop praising her mom infront of him she is not worth to get it all. She is the soul reason for Anjali bad behaviours after she died Anjali gives good news by saying this he leaves from there.

Hema asking to Soundarya in this world none will come to this world without mother? Soundarya replies as yes. Mother is giving birth to its babies including animals, birds and human beings. Hema ask to her so she also has mother right? Soundarya face turns dull and ask to her why did she often asking about her mom? Doesn’t they taking good care of her? Hema replies if her mom is there she will feel so good. If she hurts her she is sorry. Soundarya thinks she is behaving like kannamma that’s why she is concious not to hurts others. Hema sleeping on her lap. Anjali is thinking about her baby while walking in step. She about to fall Akhil hold her on time. He is advising her to take proper care on her health. Anjali and Akhil spending some quality time.

Akhil and Anjali comes to hall. Soundarya asking to them where are they going? He replies that he is taking her to hospital. Venu says that Venba is coming to take her. Akhil deny it and says Venba having dirty heart she don’t wanna treat his baby. She is the reason for Kannamma and Bharathi seperation. Venba hears it all.

Episode end.