Bharathi kannamma 21st January 2023 Written Update: Kannamma makes an attempt

Bharathi kannamma 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tamarai advising Kannamma to meet Bharathi. Soundarya’s family come there to meet Kannamma. Kannamma was surprised to see her there. Lakshmi and Hema greet her. Soundarya shares with Kannamma that she needs her help. The doctor tells her that Bharathi needs her help to recall his past. He believes that Kannamma is able to help Bharathi to recall his past. The doctor narrates the situation with her. Soundarya tells her that she isn’t forcing her. She asked her to help them for at least one week. Hema and Lakshmi tell her she is requesting her to help Dad. She shouldn’t deny her. Tamarai advises her to help him. Kannamma agrees to help Bharathi, reasoning he saved many lives. He did many heart operations to save people. He helped many students to pay their fees.

The doctor asks Kannamma to recreate their past moments. He asks her where she met Bharathi first? Kannamma tells him that Bharathi had already informed her about it. But she isn’t sure about it. She doesn’t remember their first meeting. Ganapati advises her to recall it and cooperate with them. Kannamma narrates the incidents to them. Lakshmi and Hema are excited to hear it. Ganapati assures her to recreate this incident at night. He leaves to arrange for Vilakku pooja. Meanwhile, Tamarai comes there taking clothes for Kannamma. She asks her to change her dress. Kannamma refuses to change it. Tamarai complained that she didn’t wear a sarie when she met him first. She wants to wear this dress to recreate the old incidents. Kannamma gets angry when hearing it.

Kannamma is adamant not to change her dress. She complained to Tamarai that she was the mother of two children. How could she wear such clothes at this age? Tamarai tells her it doesn’t make sense. She might wear this to recreate that scene. Bharathi wants to be impressed by her appearance like before. Kannamma fumes at her. Tamarai understands that she is not gonna listen to her. Later, she asks her daughter to help Kannamma change her clothes. If she doesn’t wear this dress then her dad won’t get back his memories. Hema and Lakshmi take Kannamma from there. They make her wear it forcefully.

Tamarai gets mesmerized seeing her in that dress. She praised her beauty. Kannamma glares at her. Her daughters help her to apply makeup. Ganapati is surprised to see her appearance and praises her beauty. Kannamma glares at him. Ganapati requests her to recreate the incidents to bring back his memories. She wants to do it from her heart. He believes that her love will change Bharathi. Kannamma nods at him. Later, Soundarya takes Bharathi to the temple. She informs him it’s Vilakku pooja day. Bharathi gets flashes of a girl seeing the Diyas in the pool. Kannamma comes there to do Vilakku pooja. Bharathi will recognise her and shouts her name as Kannamma.

Episode end