Bharathi kannamma 21st November 2020 Written Update: Gomathi kidnapped Kannamma child

Bharathi kannamma 21st November 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Gomathi glaring Kannamma and thinking she was happy in that orphanage by stoling things and selling it out but after Kannamma came there they kicked her out of it. Because of her she losted her job she won’t live Kannamma. Priest ask Kannamma to do Archana. Kannamma gives her baby to Grandma. She is talking with her baby.

One boy comes there and ask to Grandma how to light up the comphor in coconut. She face palm herself for his blunderness and go with him giving Kannamma baby to neighbour. Gomathi thinks its the time to kidnap baby orelse Kannamma will come and find her out then everything will be collapsed. Gomathi goes near the crowd and sits in the centre. She starts a conversation with her.

Kannamma baby is looking so adorable she pretend like take drishti from her. She ask neighbour to give the baby to her. She question her who is she? Gomathi lies to her that she is working with Kannamma her name is Rajeshwari. She gives the baby to Gomathi she pretend like sweating and takes baby out without Kannamma knowledge.

Kannamma is praying to god to help her finish this naming ceremony successfully. When she opens her eyes Venba is standing infront of her. Kannamma surprise to see her and ask to her what did she doing here? Venba tease her that Kannamma’s baby naming ceremony function happening simply in temple. Kannamma replies to her happiness is important not money.

Vebba added that Soundarya will arrange a function in star hotel but she is doing like this. Kannamma replies to her that love will never change even distance can’t do anything. Venba says to her that Bharathi is love torturing her. Kannamma says to her that she won’t get trigger by her words.

 How could a person like Venba still alive after done these many sins. Doesn’t she has any shame? Venba smiles back to her. Kannamma challenge her she will never allow Venba to marry Bharathi. Suddenly Kannamma head starts to spin. Venba smiles happily seeing the slow poison reaction in her body. Then leaves.

Gomathi calls to Venba and informs to her that she kidnapped Kannamma baby. Venba replies to her how did she do it she didn’t even informs her about her visit here? She ask her to come near the pool. Both look at each other from opposite direction. Venba turns happy seeing it and ask her to leave immediately.

Gomathi coming out of temple with baby. Kannamma returned to pooja place and feels tensed when her baby is missing. Neighbour informs to her that one aunty taken her out. Tulasi goes to check her. Soundarya collied with Gomathi and find out Kannamma baby in her hand. She recognized Gomathi face too. She question her where were she taking baby with her?

She lies to her that Kannamma ask her to take baby out for fresh air. Soundarya takes baby from her hand and starts admiring her. Tulasi comes there and see Soundarya. She notice Bharathi and his friends there so she gets alert and give back baby to Tulasi. Bharathi smiles and go in.

Soundarya admiring Kannamma and her baby Banner. Grandma notice her and praising Kannamma mother in law to Soundarya umaware its her. Soundarya feels elated hearing her words and moves from there with that banner. Bharathi searching for Soundarya she comes there on time. Soundarya ask Bharathi to do all the rituals from Father side. He nods and sits there.

Episode end.