Bharathi kannamma 21st October 2020 Written Update: Kannamma is in an unconscious state

Bharathi kannamma 21st October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Soundarya and Akhil admitted Kannamma in near by hospital and waiting for doctor but none is there. One lady comes there and ask to Soundarya does she know her? She nods negatively so that nurse removes her mask and ask to her now ? She gives the same negative answer to her. She introduce herself as Thulsi she is from poor family when she is in critical situation Soundarya whom help her to study further with scholarship. Soundarya feels happy hearing it and replies to her its bliss to see her.

The nurse says to her she is the reason today she is in this job. She ask to Soundarya why did she here? Whom admitted here? Soundarya replies to her Kannamma whom is her daughter in law admitted here in unconscious state she is pregnant. She ask to Tulsi when will doctor comes here? She is in critical stage. Nurse says to her today is sunday so doctor won’t come usually this day if they don’t have an appointment. Soundarya starts to cry. Tulsi convince her by saying duty doctor is coming here so don’t worry she will check the patient first and let her know about her state. They nods. Tulsi called unconscious Kannamma she gives little movement in pain though she didn’t open her eyes. She inform this news to Soundarya.

Venba notices CCTV room there she goes in and check it she thought it will turns to an evidence in her case. She gonna kill Kannamma or kidnap the baby from here. It will be an disturbance so she disconnected it. Durga searching for Kannamma and learn from an old man Kannamma got labour pain and two persons took her from there. He guessed it as Soundarya. He goes to that way to find her.

Venba comes there and meet Soundarya. She pleads to Venba to save Kannamma and her baby. Venba smirks and thinks she won’t allow her to come out alive. She came here to kill both of them. Soundarya shook her she assures to her fakely that she will take care of Kannamma and do delivary to her. Soundarya remind her again to save both of them. Venba moves in.

Akhil ask to Soundarya why did she called this Venba here to do Kannamma delivary doesn’t she know that Venba is wrong one. She is the main reason for Kannamma and Bharathi separation. She brainwashed him against Kannamma that’s why he is behaving weird. Soundarya says to Akhil whatelse she do now then calling her no doctor is available in this time. Bharathi number is switch off.

Venba wearing operation clothes and smirks. She says to herself how funny it is. She played hide and seek with her but now she stucked in her hand. She gonna suffer in her hand. She says to Kannamma that she knew she gonna do sin to this pregnant lady and new born baby but what to do Kannamma is always and hindrance between Venba and Bharathi she will do anything to get Bharathi in her life by saying this she hides the poison in her gloves. Soundarya feeling restless outside. Akhil keep saying to her to calm down nothing will happen to her. Soundarya reply to him its her sin punishing her now. She goes in to check Kannamma. She talk with Venba and ask her to Rescue Kannamma. She assures to her that she will save both.

Venba send nurse outside and staring Kannamma in pity way and mocking her state. Akhil ask Soundarya to keep calm. He suggest her to worship god.