Bharathi kannamma 22nd February 2021 Written Update: Lakshmi gets suspicious

Bharathi kannamma 22nd February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is thinking about her destiny, her life changed in one day. Lakshmi should live in this house with all luxurious life. She has many relations but her destiny is to live with Kannamma in small house. Mallika comes there and enquires Kannamma Is her work over? She replies as almost. Mallika says to her that she stopped working here after 6 months Kannamma left reasoning her husband met with an accident.

Kannamma gets worry for her. Mallika assures to her that Mallika’s husband is doing well. Mallika says to Kannamma that she is worries for Kannamma. After she left from the house everyone lost their happiness. In these 8 years she saw the happiness in their face after Kannamma entry here. Mallika asks her to think once again. Kannamma asks Mallika to stop talking about it reasoning it’s an completed chapter. Mallika questions Kannamma about her daughter? Is she grown up? Kannamma replies that she is studying in 5th std.

Mallika asks Kannamma to say her daughter’s name. Kannamma replies to her as Soundarya Lakshmi. Kannamma says to her that Lakshmi is dicto of Soundarya. The way of talking and walking. She even looks similar to Soundarya. She is following Soundary’s path in all. Mallika teases Kannamma that she takes her mother in law with her it seems. Kannamma agrees with it. Soundarya feels happy to hear it.

Kannamma says to her that she changed her phone recently so she lost Lakshmi’s photo. Lakshmi looks like Hema. A small difference is Hema is in Kannamma color and Lakshmi is in Soundarya’s color. Soundarya replies that both are sisters so they looks same. Soundarya goes near Venu. He is eating laddo. Soundarya feels emotional seeing Kannamma and Hema behaving like strangers. They are unaware of the relationship between them. Venu consoles Soundarya.

Soundarya crying while think about the moment she seperated mom and daughter. She says to Venu that she done a sin. Venu gives an idea to Soundarya how to stop Kannamma from leaving the house. Meanwhile Sekhar comes to his house after drunk. He demands money to Sumathi. She refuses to give money. Sekhar is hurting her with words and demands money to drink with his friends. When she refuses to give it.

Shekhar raises his hand to beat Sumathi but Lakshmi comes there. He pretends like nice with Sumathi and tries to manage the situation. Lakshmi finds it suspicious. Kannamma is getting ready to leave. Mallika asks Kannamma to cook Rava laddu. Kannamma refuses to do it reasoning her daughter is waiting for her. Soundarya pretends like none helping her out. She complaints that no one is ready to fulfill her wishes. Kannamma feels sad and starts to cook for Soundarya.

Episode end.