Bharathi kannamma 22nd January 2021 Written Update: Lakshmi’s smart reply to Venba

Bharathi kannamma 22nd January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Akhil saying to his parents that he wish to see one good doctor treating his wife instead of that Venba whom tried to seperate his brother and Kannamma. Venba hearing it all and glaring him. Venu notice her and welcome her. He informs to her that they are talking casually don’t take it to her heart. Venba says to him what he is thinking about her Is she a third wheel in Bharathi life?

Akhil says as yes what doubt in it? Venba gets angry and question him why did he accusing her? Akhil says she is the soul reason behind his change over. She is the one provoking Bharathi against Kannamma. Venba question him doesn’t Bharathi suspect Kannamma where is her mistake in it. Its his personal life how could she poke her head in it. Akhil says to her that Bharathi spending lots of time with her then his family. She is the only friend of him. If she is good friend she should have advise him when he starts to doubt Kannamma don’t encourage him.

Venba question him did he see she didn’t advise him? Akhil question her if she advise him means why did he go to marry him secretly. Anjali says that is it not wrong to marry another one husband. Venba says that they are insulting them. Akhil says don’t pretend like good soul she is a venome by saying he leaves from there with Anjali. Venba thinks they are not in their target yet but she is adding them too. Venba ask to Soundarya don’t she question them? She replies those who done mistake must answer to it. She ask Venba to hide this from Bharathi don’t create rift between brothers.

Kannamma, Sumathi and Lakshmi going in auto to buy vegetables from market. Kannamma starts to cough. Lakshmi ask the driver to drive to hospital let’s buy vegetables later first wanna see doctor. Kannamma deny it and says let’s go and meet him another one day. Lakshmi says she is cheating her like this. Today we must check with doctor orelse she will jump down from auto. Without option Kannamma going to hospital for Lakshmi. She fears Bharathi will scold her and hurt Lakshmi.

Venba is crying infront of Bharathi and blabbering. Bharathi ask her to say the reason. She says to him that she was the reason behind his misery. She is the one seperated him from Kannamma. She enouraged him to take the wrong decision she should have stop him but she went to marry him. This is what Akhil accusing her. Bharathi replies how dare he to accuse her Kannamma cheated him for that how could he blame her. He tries to call him but Venba stop him.

Lakshmi reach there with Kannamma. Lakshmi make her sit there and enter in and mentioned Bharathi as uncle. Venba shout on her for calling him like this. Lakshmi scold her back that she has no rights to talk like this to her. Lakshmi tease Venba. Bharathi shouts on Venba for treating a kid like this. Durga calls her she gets tensed and move out to pick it. Kannamma notice her.

Episode end.