Bharathi kannamma 22nd July 2021 Written Update : Kannamma’s shocking decision

Bharathi kannamma 22nd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulasi says to kannamma that she knew the reason for her happiness. Hema didn’t go to America she will be here and Lakshmi also happy that’s why she is happy. Kannamma tells her right. Tulasi tells her that she saved Hema today when she saw Kannamma with Bharathi both are looking like perfect couple. She don’t know which one eyes fall on them both are suffering alone. Kannamma says to her only she suffered what did he suffered? Tulasi questions her whom gained happiness because if it? She thinks both loses their anger for each other. What don’t she accept him back for Lakshmi.

Kannamma asks her to stop talking nonsense. Bharathi looked down on her character he came here for his daughter nothing else. She too went for Hema. Bharathi is still thinking her as characterless in his heart. Tulasi asks her to think about Lakshmi too. Kannamma tells her that she manages to lie these many years so she will learn the truth soon. She will explain to her slowly. She is not in the state to forgive him and he is in the state to apologise to her. If she go in front of him for Lakshmi it will be her self respect problem.

Bharathi brings Hema to room. Soundarya asks him to stop checking her temperature nothing gonna change here. Doesn’t Priya said to him what medicine she need now? Soundarya demands him to say what’s running on his mind? Bharathi says to him that he is not going to America.

Soundarya asks him to take decision in Hema’s matter. Bharathi says to her that he is a doctor so he know well how to take care of her. Soundarya says to him that doctor send her to home and asks him to bring Kannamma here. Soundarya blames him for her state. When he took moving to America decision this problems started. Venu complaints that Bharathi is the reason behind Hema’s state. Soundarya asks Bharathi to bring Kannamma here to cure Hema.

Bharathi questions her Is she playing with him? Anjali tells him that she didn’t open up with him yet. She still remember the day when Soundarya brought Hema to this house. From that day Hema searching for mom. Without knowing anything about Kannamma and Bharathi relationship she find mom in Kannamma. Soundarya asks him to answer her questions. Soundarya and Venu are giving pressure to Bharathi to bring Kannamma here.

Bharathi agrees with them. Bharathi asks his parents to bring her here he is allowing her to stay here for 10 days. Soundarya questions him doesn’t he insulted her even after she saved Hema from goons? So he might go and bring her here. Bharathi questions her how will he go? Soundarya says to him clearly they can’t able to help him in this matter he wanna do it.

Bharathi cries thinking about the situation. He reaches in front of Kannamma’s house. Bharathi thinks he wishes to don’t meet her again? But destiny bring her close to him again and again. How will he ask her to go with him. Kannamma notices Bharathi there and thinks why he is coming here often. One flower seller comes there and enquires him why is he standing here? Doesn’t he know ladies are staying here? She asks him to leave from there. Kannamma stops the grandma and tells her she knew him. Bharathi goes to her house.

Kannamma welcomes him in but he refuses to go there. She enquires to him about Hema’s health. He informs to her that fever is still high. Kannamma demands him to say the reason why he is here? Bharathi tells her that he is here to take her along with him. Kannamma questions him where and why? Bharathi is blabbering in front of him. Bharathi says to her that Priya asks him to allow Hema to stay with Kannamma for one week. Kannamma refuses to go with him reasoning Doctor asked her to do it not him.

Bharathi tells her that Hema is mentioning Kannamma name. He asks her to go with him. Kannamma says to him clearly that he will blame her as greedy person she is trying to enter into his house and separating her. She don’t need his unnecessary thoughts. Kannamma asks him to bring Hema near her she will take care of her so she don’t wanna enter into his house. Bharathi gets shock to hear it and leaves.

Episode ends.