Bharathi kannamma 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Durga rescues Kannamma from Venba

Bharathi kannamma 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Kannamma is in unconscious state Venba is glaring her. She says to her she was the only villain in her love story. Just then she notices Kannamma moving little in pain. She opens her eyes to witness Venba there in operation theatre. She waves her hands to Kannamma smiling evily.

Kannamma shocks to see Venba there with her she tries to get up but went in vain due to weakness. Venba says to Kannamma how much she roamed in this city with carrying that bag but look at her state she end up in her hand. Kannamma pleads to her to leave her. Venba laughs evily and says she won’t do that mistake again how dare she slap her in the road? Where is that brave Kannamma went?

This Kannamma is pleading to her to save her life. Kannamma request to Venba to save her baby she wanna see this world it didn’t do any sin? Venba says to her she can’t allow that because she gonna inject the poison in her body so she gonna die in 5 minutes after blood clot inside her body. Kannamma request to her to save her life and leave her.

Soundarya praying to god to save Kannamma and her baby. She plead to god to help her to deliver baby safely. Nothing should happen to Kannamma and her baby. All she need is her safety. She is worshipping god for last 40 years whole hearted nothing she ask to god yet but please help her Kannamma and her baby this time. She only want this to happen. Don’t make her suffer much.

Venba laughing evily and says to Kannamma that she can able to live for 5 minutes because she gonna die soon out of birth. Already delivery pain started though how will she bear it? So she wanna help her to free from the pain. Kannamma pleads to Venba to leave her alive. She replies to her how will she do that when she snatched her only love in her life? She loved and craved for Bharathi from college days but she married to him in her absense. How dare she come inbetween them.

 She tried many time to separate her from him but he was alswayd behind Kannamma by chanting her name. Its hurted her so much so she don’t wanna take risk. Kannamma replies to her that she already left him she will leave this place also so please show mercy on her. Venba says to her if she wish to leave the place she supposed to do it before but she didn’t its Kannamma mistake. She gonna die for Bharathi.

Soundarya keep praying to god to save Kannamma and her baby. Venba about to inject her hand Kannamma holding her hand to stop injecting it. Kannamma plead to her to leave her. Her baby gonna come out soon so spare her life she will do whatever she says to her. Vena ask her to die and about to inject her Durga place Knife on her neck and threaten her.

Kannamma thanked Durga for his help. Durga ask Kannamma to be brave and deliver her baby healthily. He assures to Kannamma that he will deal with this venome Venba by saying this he takes her away.

Thulsi shocks to see Kannamma in delivary pain she rushed to the duty doctor and find Bharathi there. She ask him to do the delivary. He shocks to see Kannamma there and steps back. He apologise to nurse and says to her he can’t help her.

Kannamma pain keeps haunting him he remind the promise he made to his mom that he will never do injustice to his work. He will treat everyone as same and give treatment to the patient whether he is his enemy or friend. He agreed to help Kannamma. He ask nurse to give anaesthesia to Kannamma because he don’t wanna let her know whom helping her.