Bharathi kannamma 23rd April 2021 Written Update: Durga Abducts Venba

Bharathi kannamma 23rd April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Durga reaches to his hideout. He looks around and takes out Venba from his car. He blindfold her. Venba shouts for help. Durga threats Venba if she shouts then he will slit her throat and leaves from here silently. Venba closes her mouth in fear. Durga teases her that no one gonna help her if she shout like this! Durga takes her inside the house. Venba questions him where did he take her in? Why did he kidnapped her? Durga says to her that he done it for fun. His henchman reaches there. They are laughing at her along with Durga. He unfold her eyes and releases her hands. Venba pleads with him to leave her. Durga questions her Is he kidnapped her to set her free from here? Venba offers money to him but he refuses to accept her money. He complaints that she won’t change whatever happen that’s why he took her here to teach a lesson to her.

Durga says to her that he heard whatever she said in her house. He questions her why don’t she allow them to live peacefully? Why don’t allow Kannamma unite with Bharathi? Doesn’t she has enough after separating them? Why did she going behind a married man? Venba touches his hand and says to him that she said that for fun don’t believe it. Durga asks her to take her hand from him. He says to her that he knew well she is a better criminal then him. He won’t trust her innocent acting. Durga questions her doesn’t she look beautiful? She has a good profession too. She will get too many person to marry. Then why did she going behind a married man? Doesn’t she has shame to do like this? He complaints that she created misunderstanding between them and separated them. Though she is still trying to create problem in their life. He asks his henchman to take out the gun. He says to her that it has been long he is going to use it.

Durga points the gun at Venba. She fears to see him. Durga asks Venba to write down as he said. Venba deny it. Durga points the gun at her and threats her. Venba agrees to do it. He asks her to write down that she is going to close her hospital for 30 days. Venba refuses to do it. He again threats her, so she writes down it. He asks her to give her sign. But Venba gives fake sign to him. Durga finds it out and points the gun at her. Venba gives her original sign to him. He asks his henchman to paste it on her hospital. Durga says to her that she is going to stay here for 30 days. No one gonna rescue her from him. He ties her hand and closes her mouth with tape. He leaves from there.

Sumathi is cleaning her house. Kannamma comes there to meet her. Sumathi questions her Is Manju inform her about her arrival? Kannamma nods with her. She shares to her that she missed her a lot here. She enquires to her about her well about? Sumathi shares her family matters to her. Venba is moaning there. Durga comes there and removes her tape. She questions him what did he want? He says to her that she insulted him while he came behind her. So he is going to take revenge for it. He questions her does she know Varun?

The innocent person become villain in Bharathi’s life. She brainwashed Bharathi against Kannamma using his name right? Venba stays silent. Durga says to her that he is going to misbehave with her. After she turns pregnant he will make Bharathi believe that Venba is carrying Varun’s baby. Bharathi will insult her then. He will send this matter to all doctor association too. Venba fears the worst. Druga reveals to her that he tied her opposite to Bharathi’s house. She can see him going out daily. But she can’t able to inform him about her whereabouts. He teases her and leaves.

Episode end.