Bharathi kannamma 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Durga teasing Venba.

Bharathi kannamma 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Hema asking Soundarya to say one story to her because she is not getting sleep. Soundarya narrating one story to her. She fall asleep hearing it. Soundarya feels emotional seeing her she remind the memories when did she separated Hema from Kannamma without her knowledge. Soundarya feels guilty for separating baby from her mother.

Still she can’t able to find Kannamma and her baby. Hema turned up 8 years now but this Bharathi anger on Kannamma didn’t fade. He is hating her to the core. Kannamma also not ready to come back. She takes the banner of Kannamma and feels emotional. She asking to her where is she why did she hurting her like this.

Durga is walking inside his cabin wearing Doctor uniform. He thinks to himself that he is not a real doctor he pretend like a doctor to cheat Venba. One patient comes to him he gives Ayurvedha medicine to him. Another one lady comes there and ask him to give medicine to get hungry. He writes an love letter in prescription and ask her to show this to Venba who is working in opposite hospital.

Say to her that her husband Durga MBBS give this to her then she will give free treatment to her. That lady to do as he said but Venba lashes out at him. Durga says to him lets forget this all and marry each other. He is the only one suit to him. Venba scold him. Durga says to her that he saw Kannamma daughter and Bharathi. She is resembling Kannamma in everything. She is like her mom. Still she can’t able to seperate them its destiny.

Kannamma and Tulasi is preparing advertisement board for her tailoring. Lakshmi comes there and question her what is she doing? Kannamma replies to her that she is helping Tulasi to write it. Lakshmi read it and ask her to remove it because they used to live in village on that time they get less amount for stitching. But here she wanna get more money because they are living in city now. If she get less money they will think her stitching is poor. Tulasi praise her business mind.

Lakshmi ask to Kannamma did she inform to her dad that they shifted to chennai. Kannamma nods as yes. Tulasi question Kannamma did she lie to her about her father? She replies to her what else she do then. Her fate destroying her but she wanna live. Lakshmi inform to her that crows are shouting it means Dad will come soon. Kannamma feels emotional and kiss her.

Episode end.