Bharathi kannamma 23rd June 2021 Written Update: Hema escapes from goons

Bharathi kannamma 23rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anjali is walking to and forth in her room. Anjali fears what will come in her result. She can’t able to wait patiently and dials to doctor. She enquires to her where is the result? Doctor asks her to meet her in hospital she will explain it to her. Anjali thinks that her life was going peaceful why is god creating problem now. Soundarya is talking with her lawyer and informs to Venu that she talked with advocate for bail. Venu says that they don’t get any news about Hema yet.

Soundarya shares to him that she was broken when she saw Kannamma in police station. May Kannamma unaware that Hema is her daughter but she is treating Hema like her daughter. How could Bharathi complaint on Kannamma. Anjali comes there Venu enquires to her what happened to her. She lies to her that she has head ache. Akhil takes Lakshmi to there. Lakshmi enquires about Hema they have no answer to her questions.

They are having hard time to manages the situation with Lakshmi and answer to her questions. Lakshmi questions her where is her mom she didn’t gave lunch to her and picked her too? Akhil lies to her that Kannamma was busy with business so she asked her to pick her from school. Lakshmi wishes to talk with Kannamma in phone.

Akhil dials to Kannamma and about to give the phone to her but he notices the name in it. He deletes it and dials to her again. Kannamma gets permission from inspector to talk in phone. She talks with Lakshmi in phone. Lakshmi asks her to come back soon. Kannamma nods and disconnect the call. Hema is crying there seeing the goons. All are busy there Hema wishes to escape from there so she lies to the goons that she wanna use restroom.

Goons allows her to go Hema tries to run from there. Goons starts chase her behind. Hema hides behind the lorry and noticing them. Goons starts search for her in all directions. Soundarya reaches to police station along with Advocate. She informs to inspector that they got bail from magistrate house. Inspector releases Kannamma.

Soundarya enquires her Is she eat anything? She nods negatively and questions her Is they find Hema? She nods negatively. Soundarya introduces her friend Shakunthala as a lawyer. She asks her to stop worrying about this case. Kannamma shares to her she is not thinking about it but for Hema. She was attached to her a lot. She never thought her love on Hema will end up like this.

Soundarya says to Kannamma loving someone is not wrong. Kannamma says that she has no idea where is Hema Is her love turns to curse? Soundarya tells her its not curse but boon. Kannamma bored to love everyone so stop worrying about this.

Lawyer says to her that she faced many cases in her life time but she never met anyone like Soundarya and kannamma. She adds that Mother in law rushes to get bail for daughter in law without rest it’s made her surprised. She praises their bond reasoning Soundarya accept that Bharathi done mistake not Kannamma. Kannamma says to her that she never saw her mom yet so Soundarya is her mom. She is treating her like her own mother. Soundarya asks her to accompany her to home if she wanna question Bharathi she can ask boldly. Kannamma deny it reasoning Bharathi talked a lot in front of her along with his wife. Kannamma got enough. Soundarya shares the past to her.

Kannamma asks her to stop bringing past she used to this situation. Soundarya says to her that Bharathi will regret after learning the truth. Kannamma asks Soundarya to search for Hema. Soundarya asks her to take rest in home. Hema is running. She feels tired and sits behind the wall. Goons stops the car and starts searching for her. Hema cries seeing him near her.

Episode end.