Bharathi kannamma 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Bharathi reaches Delhi to collect the result

Bharathi kannamma 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Lakshmi searching for Hema in her home and neighbours house. She cries when Hema went missing. Meanwhile, The Nurse informs Kannamma that Bharathi came to hospital and cancelled all his appointment for three days. Kannamma doubts why did he took leave for three days out of the blue.

Lakshmi calls Kannamma and informs her that Hema is missing in home. Kannamma asks her doesn’t she asked her to take care of her. Lakshmi says to her that she was watching TV with her. But she went missing when she fall asleep. Kannamma asks her to check her in nearby stores. Lakshmi assures her that she is not there.

Lakshmi tells her that Hema asked her to mention who is her father. She refused to answer her. But she demanded her to swear on her. She reveals her that she is aware who is their father but she won’t say it to her. Kannamma asks her why did she said like that? Lakshmi adds that she doesn’t have any other option. She asked her to find who is her father in her own? She thinks that Hema went to search for him. Kannamma asks her to don’t cry. Lakshmi adds that she went missing because of her. She would have left to search for her father. Kannamma doubts where is Hema?

Meanwhile, Hema is searching for the orphanage. She thinks that she reached to Thambaram. Still she isn’t able to find out the orphanage. She thinks that Venba is troubling her here. She gave fitting reply to her for badmouth on her mom. She fears that Venba will come search for her in her car. She often checks whether she is following her or not. Meanwhile, Goons are searching for Hema everywhere showing her photo. Hema inquires the strangers about the orphanage. Goons gets disappointed when they failed to find her out. Later, Kumar is consoling Lakshmi to calm down. Let’s find Hema. He sent his friend to search for her.

Kannamma returns to home and confirms with her that Hema didn’t return to home yet. Lakshmi cries hugging her. Kumar asks her to think Whether Hema know some outsiders? Kannamma denied it. Kumar suggests her to call Soundarya to confirm whether she reached there or not? Kannamma says that she won’t go there. He asks her to try once. Kannamma calls Soundarya and inquires her about Hema. She tells her that Hema is missing. She narrates to her how did Hema troubled Lakshmi to reveal who is her father? Lakshmi said to her in anger she find him by her own. She asks Hema to find him. Soundarya shares this with her family members. Everyone gets panic and goes out to search for her.

Kumar sends Hema’s photo to his friends and asks them to search for her. Later, Kannamma informs Kumar that Hema didn’t went to Soundarya’s house. Kannamma asks Kumar to take care of Lakshmi and goes out to search for Hema. Meanwhile, Bharathi reaches to Delhi. He checked-in in the hotel. He remembered Vanitha’s words. Bharathi thinks that he will get the report in Monday. He doesn’t want allow anyone to change the report. He thinks that his heart saying Kannamma didn’t do any mistake. If results comes positive he will apologize to her. He wishes to switch off his phone until the result reach to his hand.

Episode end