Bharathi kannamma 24th July 2021 Written Update : Shanthi provokes Venba

Bharathi kannamma 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shanthi questions Venba what’s bothering her? Venba questions her back Is she ever expect Bharathi and Kannamma travelling in same car? Shanthi tells her its not possible because Venba created hatred in their heart so they are treating each other like enemy. Venba tells her it happened because Bharathi and Kannamma came in same car in hospital. That Hema wished to meet Kannamma so he brought her to hospital. Shanthi says to her doesn’t he ignored Kannamma before days.

Venba says to her that Hema is there in his life now he is doing everything for her. Shanthi says to her he may done it without option. Venba says to her doesn’t he do it for Hema so there is a chance to Bharathi live with Kannamma again for that Hema. Venba complaints that her plans are flopped. She thought he will go to. America and she can go there after 10 days then start her life with him. Now America plan cancelled. Shanthi tells her that Kannamma stomach wanna burn seeing Venba living happily with Bharathi.

Venba tells her that Kannamma’s stomach is already burning because Bharathi mentioned Venba as his wife in police station. Shanthi tells her that Bharathi came to this extreme so he will definitely marry her soon. Soundarya asks to Venu what’s he doing? He tells her that he is reading his Raasi palan. Soundarya tells him that she lost faith in it. Anjali comes there and informs to her that she cooked porridge for Hema. Soundarya tells her she is going to temple take care of Hema.

Bharathi comes there carrying Hema and luggage in his hand. Soundarya questions him where is he going? He informs to her that he gonna send Hema to Kannamma’s home. Venu questions him is he saying the truth? Bharathi tells him that he hurted Hema for his ego. Hema was kidnapped and got did two times he don’t wanna hurt her more. He decides to fulfill her wish leaving his ego. Hema is important to him. Soundarya asks Bharathi to leave.

Venu says to them let’s drop Hema in Kannamma’s house but Bharathi deny it. Bharathi inform to Soundarya that he took 5 set of clothes for her. Bharathi leaves from there. Soundarya says to Venu that she didn’t expected this much from him. She wishes to go to temple. Bharathi is driving the car. He shares his memories to Hema. He tells her that he used to manage lie with her whenever she mentioned about Mom. But destiny mentioned Kannamma name as her mom’s name in passport office. Why is she mentioning her name in sleep too? Is she saw her mom’s love in Kannamma? Just stay with her for one week. She is important to him.

Bharathi reaches near Kannamma’s house and wakes Hema up? She questions him where are they? He asks her to guess where are they? She mentions as cooking mom’s house. Bharathi says to her doesn’t she wishes to stay with Cooking mom? She nods to him. He says to her that she can stay with her how many days she want? Hema feels happy to hear it. Hema calls Cooking mom name? She comes there and feels happy to see Hema there she smiles to her and changes her face seeing Bharathi.

Hema runs to her and hugs her. She kisses on her forehead. Hema tells her that she searched for her in hospital. Kannamma says to her that she has some work that’s why. Hema tells her that Dad is here to let her stay with her. She thank him. Bharathi explains to Kannamma that Doctor asked him to do it. Kannamma assures to him that she will take care of her. Bharathi leaves to take her luggage. He tells her that Hema’s books and dress are in it. Bharathi tells her daily habits of her. Kannamma says to him that she will take care of her.

Bharathi feels sad to see Kannamma holding Hema’s hand. He says to her Hema’s tablet. Kannamma assures to him she will give it. Bharathi gives 10000 rupees to her Kannamma glares him. She questions him what’s the need of it? He says to her that Hema needs necessary things and she can use this money to buy things for her. Kannamma says to him that she won’t sell love for money. She says to him that she has the capable to take care of her. She will take care of her like her own daughter. Bharathi waves at Hema and leaves from there. Kannamma hugs Hema happily.

Episode ends.