Bharathi kannamma 24th June 2022 Written Update: Hema pleads to Bharathi

Bharathi kannamma 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rohith, He is thinking how will he impress Venba? All his effort didn’t impressed her at all. He reminds Bharathi informed to him that Venba likes Biriyani. He wishes to cook tasty Biriyani for her. He rushes to kitchen and asks Shanthi to leave from there reasoning he will cook for Venba.

Shanthi denies it and tells him she likes her cooking only. Rohith assures to her that he knows how to cook for her. Rohith starts cook for Venba in kitchen Shanthi assist him. Rohith asks her to taste the food. She appreciates the taste.

Rohith asks her to give it to Venba but she hesitates reasoning she won’t eat others handmade food. Rohith threatens her to mention her that she cooked it for her. Shanthi lies to Venba that she cooked her favorite food. Venba asks her what’s special today? Shanthi lies to her that she was in diet these many days that’s why she wishes to give tasty food to her. Venba finishes the food in a go. She praises the taste of it.

Venba says that she wanna give kiss to her hand for cooking thus tasty food. Rohith asks her to give it to him revealing he cooked it for her. He adds that he cooked it specially for her. Venba tells him that she don’t like the taste at all she pretends like she is getting vomit. He asks her to stop acting. Venba says that don’t expect her fall for him for this all. Rohith tells her she can’t able to say it. He is well aware how to impress her. He will treat her like queen. She lashed out at him and leaves.

Later Kannamma takes Lakshmi to Soundarya’s house. Kannamma informs to them that Lakshmi is adamant to meet Hema after she learnt about Hema’s health. Venu tells her that it’s her house so she don’t need to give reason to visit her. Kannamma asks them about Hema? They shares to her that she went out with Bharathi. Akhila informs her it seems Bharathi reached there.

Bharathi gets shock to see Kannamma there and doubts why is she here? Soundarya shares to him that Lakshmi is adamant to meet Hema after she fell sick. Lakshmi advises Hema to take care of her health. She might take food on time. Hema says to Kannamma that she wanna bring lunch to her she is missing her a lot. Kannamma tells her that she wanna go to job. Doesn’t she meeting her in hospital after her school. She convinced her. Hema thinks that Bharathi may listens to Kannamma in divorce matter.

Hema requests Kannamma to ask stop Bharathi divorce her mom. If he divorce her then she won’t eat or sleep again. Hema pleads with him to don’t divorce. Bharathi is adamant in his decision. Everyone gets emotional seeing her state. Bharathi tells her that he won’r divorce anyone. He promises to her. Hema thank him for listening to her.

Episode end.