Bharathi kannamma 24th November 2022 Written Update: Goon kidnaps Venba

Bharathi kannamma 24th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hema searching for the orphanage. Goons notices her and decided to kidnap her before someone noticing them. Hema find out the orphanage and enters into the orphanage. Goons gets disappointed when she went inside. Leader says to him that she will definitely come out. Let’s kidnap her after she come out. Meanwhile, Soundarya asks Akhil to stop the car. Let’s inquires about Hema to them. Soundarya shows Hema photo to coconut seller. She recognised her and informs them that Hema asked her to say how to go to Thambaram. She inquired her about her parents and address. But she didn’t answer to her and left. Kannamma doubts why did she went to Thambaram?

She doesn’t know anyone there. Soundarya asks her to let’s go to Thambaram. Meanwhile, Goon thinks that they missed her in few minutes. He assures him that she will come out in few minutes. Let’s abduct her. Venba thinks that the goons didn’t called her yet. She doesn’t know whether they kidnapped Hema or not? She calls him to confirm about it.

Venba calls the goon to inquire him whether they kidnapped her or not? Goon informs her that Hema went inside Orphanage. Venba complaints that they are not even capable to kidnap a little girl. Doesn’t they said to her it’s a easy job to kidnap her. Aren’t he ashamed to say like that he missed her. Goon assures her that he is waiting outside. They will kidnap her when she comes out. Venba disconnects the call in anger.

Meanwhile, Hema introduces herself to Clara. She says to her that her grandma adopted her from this Orphanage. When she born somone kidnapped her from her mom and put her here. She is thinking that her dad sent her here. She wants to find his details. Clara inquires her about her details and grandma name. Hema reveals Soundarya’s name to her. Clara thinks that there is some misunderstanding in her home. That is why she came here to find out the truth. She wishes to inform Soundarya about it.

Clara asks Hema to wait outside. She wants to search the old files to find out the truth. It’s tough to collect old data. She asks her to wait outside untill she search it. Hema nods with her. He asks mercy to give juice to her. She takes Hema from there. Later, Kannamma is searching for Hema everywhere. Soundarya prays god to help her find out Hema. Clara calls Soundarya and inform her that Hema came to meet her. She asked her to help her find out her father. Soundarya thanks her for giving the information. She asks her to take care of her until she reach there. Clara assures her. Hema hears it and gets shocked. Goons asks his assistant to be alert. She will return in any time.

Hema about to leave but security stops her. She asks her how will she go alone? Hema tells him that she talked with Clara. She know how to go back to home. Security notices her leaving. Goons follows her and kidnaps her. Meanwhile, Clara learns from Mercy that Hema is missing. They starts search for her. Soundarya reaches there and inquire her about Hema. She tells her that Hema is missing. Security tells her that she searched for her everywhere but she is not there. Kannamma finds Hema’s slipper and fears that she is in danger. Fruit seller informs her that one omini van crossed him faster. It seems ther kidnapped Hema. He mentions to them that it’s cement color.

Episode end