Bharathi kannamma 24th September 2021 Written Update: Lakshmi nursing Kannamma

Bharathi kannamma 24th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shanthi question Venba Is Kannamma obeys her? Venba tells her thanks to Shanthi for gave good idea on time or else she would have complained in police station. Shanthi says to her its not a problem they find out her weak point. Venba tells her that Kannamma got emotional and tried to go to police station so they wanna be careful in her matters. Shanthi questions her doesn’t that Kannamma knew Venba is taking revenge on her then how did she believing her words? Is Kannamma innocent to believe her or Venba playing smart game here? Venba tells her that Venba’s presence of mind is like that only. She has 8 years experience with kannamma so she knew well what will she do next?

Probably she is crying in home thinking about her daughter or praying to god now. Shanthi appreciates her and tells her she wanna decide what’s she wanna do? Shanthi shares her wish to Venba that she wanna slap Kannamma reasoning she beaten her last time. Venba assures to her. Kannamma is sitting in temple and thinking about her daughter. She prays to god that Venba trying go torture her baby so please save her baby from her. Kannamma prays to god that she gonna do angapradarshanam to god for her baby safety. She starts doing it meanwhile Soundarya enters into temple. She prays to god Kannamma rolls on her feet.

Soundarya questions Kannamma what’s this all? Why did she hurting herself like this in the name of pariharam? What’s bothering her? Kannamma tells her its sin to stop the pariharam in middle. Priest comes there and alerts Kannamma there is a bad omen in temple so she won’t get any good result if she do this pariharam. Pries narrates to her what happened in temple and alerts her that they are doing rituals to remove that. Kannamma questions her shall she continue it? He denies it. Soundarya asks Kannamma to get up. Kannamma says to her that god is not even allowing her to do the pariharam also. Why god is giving so much sufferings to her. Soundarya demands her to say the reason. Kannamma tells her there is not one reason to say. Even god is not ready to show her baby to her yet.

Soundarya says to her nothing to worry her baby might be doing well. Don’t take this matter to her heart. She asks her to believe that her baby is doing good in someone’s house. Kannamma denies it and tells her that she was suffering here thinking about her daughter. Soundarya tries to console her but Kannamma poured out her feelings to Soundarya. Kannamma stands adamant in her decision to find out her daughter at any cost. Soundarya cries seeing her. Anjali gives vada to her. Venu is feeding to Hema. Hema questions her why is Kannamma’s hand made food is tasting better then everyone. Anjali asks her to share this to Bharathi and brings her here. Bharathi comes there and enquires to him why is he feeding to her? Venu tells him that she went to temple.

Hema starts coughing, Venu tells her that someone is thinking about her. Hema says that Kannamma is thinking about her. Bharathi gets disappointed and questions her Is she always thinking about her? Hema apologies to Bharathi for taking Kannamma’s name when he don’t like her. Bharathi leaves from there. Venu consoles Hema and says to her don’t mind him. Venu gets happy to see Soundarya there. He starts a conversation with her but she is lashing out at him. She says to him that Kannamma hurting herself and looks like she lost her self respect. Venu questions her why is she doing like this?

Soundarya tells him that she was doing this all for her second baby.she is so adamant to find her daughter. Soundarya tells her that she can’t able to see her suffering like this same time she can’t able to confess the truth too. Venu asks her to think from Kannamma’s side too. Soundarya shares to him that apart from this Kannamma is bothered from something else. She wanna find out the reason. Lakshmi asking to Kannamma why is she looking dull? She enquires about her problems? Kannamma consoles her and manages to lie with her. Lakshmi feels sad for her hearing Kannamma has body pain. Lakshmi brings ointment to apply. Kannamma refuses to do it reasoning she is comparing Lakshmi with Soundarya so she can’t allow her to do it. Lakshmi asks her to stop being adamant. She will apply it after she slept. She starts massaging to her leg.

Episode end.