Bharathi kannamma 25th January 2021 Written Update: Kannamma worried about Lakshmi future

Bharathi kannamma25th January 2021 Written Update on

Today episode starts with Lakshmi saying to Kannamma that she also felt humiliated when that doctor questioned to her about her father. Kannamma staring her emotionally. Lakshmi says to her that she used to question her about her father but she was keeping silent whenever she takes that topic so she stopped question about it.

Kannamma hugs her and kissed on her forehead. She thinks its wrong to showing anger on Bharathi to Lakshmi. She is understanding her well so she might understand her feelings too. Kannamma feeds the laddoo to her.

Sumathi reach home and noticed Shekhar there she starts tensed and go in. He stopped her and ask her to sit beside him. He is staring her face and says to her she is not that much beauty then how did she seducing all? Sumathi gets tears and deny it. He question her where were she? Sumathi says to him that she went with Kannamma to hospital. He replies that Kannamma reached early then her. She reasoned that Lakshmi was with her she reached with her only. He didn’t believe her and burnt her hand with cigaratte. Sumathi shouting in pain.

Anjali refusing to take medicine. Soundarya comes there and advise her to take it. She shouldn’t refuse to take medicine on pregnancy period. Venu ask to Hema does she need baby boy or girl. She replies as mom. Bharathi divert her topic. Kannamma is thinking about Lakshmi future. Her conscious starts speaking with her.

She question her why did she suffering like this she can ask help to her mother in law. She will solve her all problems in a fraction of second. Kannamma deny it. She says to her that she is punishing her aunty instead of her husband. She is not understanding her love on her. Kannamma replies she loves her but her self respect is important to her. She ask her to give up but she deny it her reflection disappeared from there.

Soundarya serving to Venu but he is lost in his thoughts. He says to her that he done wrong thing by giving pressure to Soundarya. He shouldn’t ask her to think about Bharathi life. He is wrong he might consider about Kannamma feeling she is innocent she is not supposed to get this punishment. He says determined to her he will bring her back to home. Soundarya nods.

Episode end.