Bharathi kannamma 25th November 2021 Written Update: Anjali spends quality time with Akhil

Bharathi kannamma 25th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma advises Anjali to forget everything and keep concentrating on upbringing the baby. Soundarya tells her that she can’t able to leave this matter soon reasoning how could someone planned like this and kidnap a pregnant woman? Anjali tells her that she remembers few persons face. Bharathi says to them let’s leave from here first it’s not a place to talk about it.

Anjali enquires to Kannamma what happened in court? Soundarya informs to her that court didn’t give divorce to them instead asks them to live together. Shanmugam tells her that today everything ended up well today he is so happy.  Mayandi doubts what happened here? How did Kannamma came here on time? Shanthi calls to Mayandi what happened? Is everything over? He nods to her and tells her Kannamma and Akhil  came on time and saved her. Shanthi complaints that he is good for nothing even he doesn’t know to protect a pregnant woman too! She adds that he is a drunkard without knowing about his capacity Venba believed in him. She disconnects the call in anger.

Mayandi thinks that she is irritating him to the core. Lakshmi thinks where did mom went? She didn’t eat anything and feeling hungry. Kannamma reaches to there and enquires to her what’s she doing? She informs to Kannamma that she is hungry nothing is left to eat? Kannamma says to her nothing to worry she brought food for her. She feeds food to her. Lakshmi says to her that she used to take her out if she has any important work but she didn’t today and complaints that she forget her recently.

Kannamma says to her she has nothing important to her then Lakshmi in her life. Soon all problems will be over. Anjali and new born baby reaches to home. Mallika takes arathi to them and leaves. Mallika says to Anjali that she went out like this but Soundarya scolden her. Soundarya says to her that she will defiantly scold her for being careless. Venu enquires to Anjali which temple she went to worship? She says to her that near by their house they didn’t kidnapped from inside the temple instead outside? Akhil says may they kidnapped her mistakenly. Anjali denies it and says to them they mentioned her name correctly. Someone was instructing them to do everything. Akhil says that so they are just goons someone is there to instruct them he will definitely  caught him soon.  Bharathi says to them let’s ask help to commissioner. Soundarya asks Anjali to go inside.

Soundarya enquires to Bharathi what’s his decision? He didn’t say anything and leaves. Soundarya says that let’s wait and see the result. Anjali thinks that its her second birth she never thought she can able to see her baby’s face. Akhil comes there and enquires to her health? She assures to him that she is doing well.  Akhil complaints to her that she gave so much pain to her. How could she hide this truth from him? He was literally dead seeing her state? Is she thinking that he will allow her to die like this? He is loving her lot so he can’t able to give up her in any situation.

Anjali says to him that everything finishee well so stop showing his anger on her. He warns her to don’t hide anything from her again. Anjali and Akhil spends quality time with each other. Soundarya calls to Kannamma. She enquires about Anjali health to Soundarya. Soundarya assures to her that they are doing well.  Soundarya asks Kannamma to say her decision.

Episode end.