Bharathi kannamma 25th September 2021 Written Update: Kannamma strangle Venba’s neck

Bharathi kannamma 25th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anjali doubts why is she getting so tired after she take the medicine. She thinks that lizard fell on her while taking this medicine. Anjali thinks that Venba is already anger on Anjali for revealing the truth about her in baby shower function. No obe in her family trust her at all. Soundarya comes there and questions her why is she looking so tired? What’s she hiding in her hand? She tells her its medicine. Soundarya asks her to take the medicine. Soundarya stops Anjali from taking the medicine and questions her why is she taking double doze? Whom prescribed these medicine to her? She answers to her that Bharathi prescribed it but Venba asked her to take double doze. Soundarya demands her to say the truth why is she asking advice to that Venba? Soundarya tells her that no one allowed to take double doze. If she has any problems she might ask Bharathi to do what she wanna do next? She advised her to don’t hear Venba’s advice. Soundarya leaves from there. She thinks to stop taking that medicine for some days if she feels dizzy and chest pain. Anjali suffers with chest pain.

Venba thinks that Kannamma is not worrying about her daughter that’s why she is not calling to her. Is she thinking Venba will take care of her baby well? There is no chance of it. Still Bharathi and Kannamma hates each other though she is not mentioning Venba as Mrs. Bharathi. Is she still has feelings on Bharathi? Venba gives a voice message to her threatening. She questions her doesn’t she hear her baby’s voice then why did she hesitating to hear her orders? Is she forget that her baby is in her hand. She will pack her baby to north india. Kannamma hears the voice note and thinks her baby is important to her. She thinks that she won’t lost anything if she mentions her as Mrs. Venba. Kannamma calls to her. Venba thinks that she came to her way. She adds that she shouldn’t deny her orders then she will face something like this. Kannamma calls to her Venba pretends like no signal. Kannamma sends a voice note to her saying that she will definitely do like she said. Don’t spoil her baby’s life like she spoiled her life. Venba thinks happy to think she is suffering. She adds that no one will escape from this Venba’s hand. She thinks that Kannamma should suffer more keep crying.

Kannamma thinks that Venba is not attending the call but checking all her message. Is she playing any game with her. According to her she is treating her like enemy she won’t do any good things for her. Is she trying to create more problems to her. Kannamma thinks that Venba may planning big. If she know the truth about her baby then she would have threatened her in this 8 years. Why should she stay silent. Venba thinks that Kannamma may crying in her house. She feels happy to think about her state. Kannamma comes to Venba’s house and press the calling bell. Kannamma strangle Venba’s neck and questions her where is her baby? She demands her to say the truth? She questions her doesn’t she know no one will give the Information about her baby if something happens to her. Kannamma demands her to say her plan. Venba asks her to say her plan.

Venba questions her doesn’t she separated with Bharathi then why did she saying to all Bharathi is her husband. Still she is not divorced with him. Kannamma questions her what’s she need? She asks him to give divorce to him. She is provoking him against Bharathi by bringing old matters to her. Venba questions her why is she standing like statue? Is she gonna fall on his feet. Kannamma tells her that she proved to her that she can live alone. Kannamma questions her will she leave her daughter if she divorce Bharathi. Venba assures to her that she will leave her daughter. She makes call to yathartham to say what’s Kannamma’s baby doing? She lies to her that she is taking rest. Venba asks her to choose who is important to her? Husband or baby? Kannamma leaves from there.

Episode end.