Bharathi kannamma 26th December 2020 Written Update: Frustrated Soundarya

Bharathi kannamma26th December 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with Venba asking Shyamala to question Soundarya how the way she asked to? She nods and leaves from there. Venba asking to herself in which hope she is doing this all? Will Soundarya allow her to marry Bharathi after hearing this rumours? Shyamala greeted Soundarya. Venu is playing badmitton there. Soundarya ask her to sit with her. Shyamala ask to her why did she not coming out often its hard to see her out?

Soundarya replies to her that she is busy in her business and household. She comes outside for him. Shyama ask to her she heard something which she is hiding from all? Soundarya staring her in confusion. She says to her that Kannamma left Bharathi and married to an doctor. Its good she is also an doctor he can be comfortable with her. Soundarya replies to her its just a rumour Bharathi didn’t married anyone. Shyamala added that she heard them going out together and roaming everywhere.

Soundarya question her back doesn’t her husband working in an IT office? Many girls are working there. If anything urgent he will go out with them. If i say he married to that girl how will you feel? She gets angry hearing it. Soundarya says to her exactly same i feel hearing it. Venba and Bharathi are close friends.

Nothing is wrong to keep friendship with a girl. Soundarya says to Venu that she is leaving. He stops the game and leaves with her. Venba thinks why did she thinking like this always? Did she gonna waste Bharathi life like this always? Soon she wanna marry him at any cost.

Tulasi is asking to Kannamma how many days she gonna be like this? You are not ready to leave her self respect and Bharathi his ego. Lakshmi the one suffering inbetween two. She feels pity for her. Kannamma replies to her its their fate whatelse say. If she go and live with him he will again insult her and her baby. Its better to die then living with him. Lakshmi comes there with the board. Tulasi read it and praise her talent. Then they fixed it infront of the gate.

Venu calls Soundarya to eat the dinner but she deny it in anger. Venu says to her don’t show her anger on food. He knew the reason behind her anger because that woman talked about Bharathi and Venba relationship. Still Kannamma is missing we have no idea about them. Its Bharathi mistakes that he is maintaining his friendship with Venba. If it continues he will end up marry with her. Kannamma is thinking to join Lakshmi in new school. But she is lack of money.

Bharathi comes there and says to her why did she suffering like this? His mom is always ready to help her out even after she is an characterless. Kannamma is more important to her then him. Kannamma replies to him that he didn’t changed yet. Bharathi nods. She shouts on him to leave. Lakshmi question Kannamma why did she shouting. She realise that she was hallucinating.

Episode end.