Bharathi kannamma 26th January 2023 Written Update: Bharathi Regains his Memory

Bharathi kannamma 26th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganapati asking Bharathi to wait until mom returns home. Soundarya comes there along with Anjali. She blessed him on his birthday. Ganapati and Akhil give their birthday gift to him. Bharathi informs Soundarya that he is going to meet a person at the beach. Soundarya inquires him about that person? Bharathi tells her that he wants to meet his lover Kannamma. He married her secretly. Soundarya looks confused. Ganapati signals her it’s a lie. Bharathi narrates to her whatever Ganapati said to him. Bharathi tells her that he felt like he lived with Kannamma for many years. He asks her. Will she accept Kannamma as her daughter-in-law? Soundarya tells him that she will definitely accept her as her daughter-in-law. Because she is living in his heart. Soundarya wishes to meet her.

Soundarya takes him to the beach. Soundarya advises him to meet Kannamma alone. Because she wishes to meet him alone. Ganapati wishes the best of luck to him. Bharathi searches for Kannamma everywhere. Soundarya prays to god to unite Bharathi with Kannamma. Bharathi isn’t getting a positive response from anyone. Ganapati says to Soundarya that Bharathi is searching for her. Let’s help him find Kannamma. Bharathi loses his hope and shouts in anger. He said, why didn’t she come to meet him? She is everything to him. If she doesn’t meet him today, then he will kill himself. Soundarya gets nervous hearing it. Ganapati assures her that Kannamma will reach there on time.

Bharathi walked straight into the sea. Ganapati and Soundarya are following him behind. Kannamma stops Bharathi. She takes him from there forcefully. Bharathi was surprised to meet her. Kannamma asks him. Didn’t he promised to live with her? But he decided to leave her alone. Bharathi tells her that he is able to feel her. She is his wife Kannamma. He tells her that he forgot his past. That is why he couldn’t contact her. He confessed his love to her. Bharathi tells her that he is able to feel something strange inside him. He touched her and felt her presence before. Kannamma shares birthday wishes with him. Bharathi asks her to confess her feelings to him. She proposes to him without an option. Bharathi asks her. Didn’t she say to him that she had some surprise for him? She placed his hand on her belly. She asks him to feel it. She is carrying his child

Kannamma tells him that she is carrying twins. Bharathi closes his eyes and gets flashes of his past. He tells her that this incident had already happened in his life. He is getting back his memory. His daughters are Lakshmi and Hema. Everyone is surprised to see him recognizing her. Bharathi feels dizzy. Kannamma holds him before collapsing. Lakshmi and Hema rush at him. Bharathi was surprised to see his daughters there. He knelt down in front of his daughters. He hugs them in happiness. Bharathi recalls his past and mentions everyone’s name in happiness. Soundarya inquires Bharathi how he is feeling now? He assures her that he is feeling better now. Kannamma takes her daughters from there. However, things go unexpectedly as she refuses to reconcile with him. Soundarya confronts Kannamma and advises her to stop betraying herself. She has feelings for Bharathi. Kannamma tells her that she helped him out of mercy. She doesn’t have any feelings for him. Her daughters are adamant about staying with Bharathi. Kannamma takes them from there forcefully. Soundarya was disappointed to see her attitude.

Episode end