Bharathi kannamma 26th July 2021 Written Update: Bharathi gets emotional

Bharathi kannamma 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi reminds about Hema’s childhood memories while driving the car. He gets emotional when he remind Hema mentioning Kannamma’s name. He thinks that she used to cling to him always but today she runs to Kannamma and hugs her. He wishes Hema wanna search for him at night. He can’t able to stay there without him. Why did his life end up in this way? Is created this all? Why did she went near her whom betrayed him? So many persons are in this world but she is attached to that Kannamma. He feels that only he has Hema in this world but today she too left from him. He remains alone.

Venu shares his happiness to Soundarya for Bharathi send Hema to Kannamma’s house. Soundarya tells him that its god’s blessings that’s why he decided to do it without anyone pressure. Or else they would have been in America now. Today daughter went back to her mom. Venu says to her as she said its blood relation. Soundarya says that Bharathi may thinks it’s the last time Hema going there. But she gonna use this chance to unite Bharathi and Kannamma. Soundarya says to him that they failed to think about one problem. Bharathi used to visit her often what if he saw Lakshmi there.

Venu says to her that Bharathi would have meet her now. Soundarya says to him that she asked Tulasi to take her out today but what to do next? There is so many chances Bharathi to meet Lakshmi there. They wishes to do something. Kannamma gives tablets to Hema she refuses to take it. Kannamma tells her that her family believing she will take a good care of her that’s why he left her here. Hema takes tablets for her. Hema shares to her that she never thought Bad will drop her here. May his anger on her decreased. Kannamma says to her she won’t get so much facilities here like her house. Hema tells her staying with her is happiness. Hema drifts into sleep. Soundarya calls to Kannamma and learns from her about Hema’s health.

Soundarya shares to her that Bharathi took this decision by himself they didn’t give pressure to him at all. She adds that she would have stayed with them 10 days but she never give chance to them. Kannamma tells her that Bharathi will badmouth on her character and intention that’s why. Soundarya says to her may Bharathi visits her often but don’t pick fight with him. Kannamma assures to her she won’t do like that. Soundarya questions her what if Bharathi meet Lakshmi there. Kannamma assures to her that Lakshmi won’t mention her as mom in front of others. She will manage with the situation.

Hema is trying to create a boat. Kannamma comes there and asks her to teach her how to create boat. Both are spending quality time with each other. Kannamma wipes the sweat of Hema and tells her that fan is on though she is sweating. Kannamma tells her that AC is in her house. Hema says to her that she was doing grafting that’s why sweating. Two people comes there taking AC. Kannamma learns from them that Bharathi ordered it. Kannamma questions Hema Is she need AC she deny it.

Kannamma asks them to return it. He tells her he already paid the full amount. Kannamma asks him to deliver it to Bharathi’s address. Kannamma gives his address to them. She complaints to Hema that her dad is doing unnecessary things. Anjali is lost in her thoughts. Soundarya asks her to wear the Jasmin flower. She complaints to her that Anjali is seems to be scared now a days. Soundarya says to her that she is not lucky to Upbringed Lakshmi but she gonna fulfill her wish through Anjali’s baby. She leaved from there. Anjali thinks that she is dreaming a lot. She has no idea what will happen in future.

Episode end.