Bharathi kannamma 26th October 2022 Written Update: Bharathi in a Dilemma

Bharathi kannamma 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bharathi thinking that DNA test results will solve every problems in his life. He is waiting for the results impatiently.Technician calls Bharathi. Bharathi asks technician about DNA test result? He says to him that test results will reach to his hands tomorrow. He called him to confirm it.

Bharathi lashes out at him for not send it on time. He complaints that they informed him to send it at evening. But today they changed their words. He argues with them over this issue. He demands them to send it early. Technician assured Bharathi to send it before 2. He thinks that Venba’s marriage muhurth time is 11-11.30. He demands them to send report to him at 10’o clock. He disconnected the call. He asks the nurse to call Kannamma.

Bharathi informs Kannamma that he is off tomorrow. Kannamma asks him to give a reason for it. She says that Vickram will ask about it? Bharathi tells her that it’s his personal reason. Kannamma says to him that she is aware he wants to attend Venba’s wedding. Doesn’t he used to attend patients after lunch. Bharathi says to her that he doesn’t want to share his schedule with her. Just inform this to Vickram. Kannamma nods to him. Later, Venba calls Bharathi and informs him that she is so excited to marry him. Let’s plan the schedule tomorrow. She asks him to don’t attend her wedding. Bharathi tells her that family members will question him how could he miss his best friend wedding?

Venba tells him that his family members won’t allow him to leave from the mandap. She asks him to don’t attend the wedding. Give some excuses to them and reach to temple. She will reach there on time. She asks him to don’t back off from his words. She will kill herself if he back off from his words. Bharathi assured to her and disconnects the call.

Bharathi’s conscience comes there and questions him. What if DNA test fail to reach on his hand? Will he marry Venba or back off from his words? He says to him that Venba is not going to leave him. She won’t listen to him if he postpone the wedding. Venba will force him to marry her. Bharathi clears to him that he won’t marry her without seeing the results. Whatever the situation is he won’t back off from his words.

Conscience asks him what if results comes positive to him. Both Hema and Lakshmi are his daughter. Bharathi says to him that he hold Kannamma’s feet and apologize to her. What if test result come negative. Bharathi says to him that he will marry Venba without any guilty. Conscience says that everything going to be decided by that test results. Let’s wait for tomorrow. Many twists and turns are going to take place tomorrow. Later, Soundary gets ready to attend Venba’s wedding.

Soundarya asks Venu to take rest. He tells her that he wants to see Venba’s wedding. Akhil asks her why didn’t Bharathi get ready yet. Bharathi thinks how will he tackle the situation. Soundary asks him why didn’t he get ready yet? Bharathi asks her where are they going? Soundarya informs him that today is Venba’s wedding. Bharathi tells her that he won’t attend the wedding. Venu says to him that he want to attend the wedding because he is her best friend. He lies to her that he has one medical conference. Soundarya says to him that he is able to ask someone to attend it. Anjali asks him Is he don’t like Venba getting married? Bharathi gets frustrated hearing it . He assure them to attend the wedding.

Episode end