Bharathi kannamma 27th July 2021 Written Update : Shock awaits for Venba

Bharathi kannamma 27th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kannamma is cleaning the rice. Hema enquires to Kannamma why did she cleaning it in water? She explains to her. Tulasi comes there and enquires her when did she came? She Informs to her that dad dropped her here. Kannamma questions Hema Is she know her? She tells her that she saw her in hospital. Tulasi thinks that she was the one whom married her first when she was borned. Kannamma is her mom but she don’t know it.

Kannamma questions her why is she staring her in this way? Tulasi questions Hema how many days she will stay here? Hema answers her that till her dad says. Kannamma asks Hema to attend the online class. Tulasi questions her Is Lakshmi know about it? She tells her that Lakshmi will come here asap let’s manage her. Just then Lakshmi comes there sadly reasoning she has no friends in her class she is feeling alone her. She complaints that Hema is her best friend now she is also not going to school that’s why.

Kannamma and Tulasi laughs at her and says she will give one friend to her to play with. She calls Hema there Lakshmi feels happy to see her there. Both enquires each other why are they here? Hema tells her that dad asked her to stay here. She questions her why is she here? Lakshmi lies to her that her mom went to village so she send her near Cooking mom. Hema feels happy to hear it. Kannamma sends Hema away. Lakshmi questions Kannamma why didn’t she informed her Hema coming here?

Lakshmi says that she don’t like her to call her as cooking mom. Kannamma asks her to talk lower Hema will listen. She sends her to change her dress. Venu questions Soundarya why did Bharathi taking this much time to return home after dropping Hema in Kannamma’s house? What about Lakshmi how will she manage there? Soundarya tells him that Lakshmi won’t mention Kannamma as mom in front of Bharathi or Hema same goes to Hema so nothing to worry.

Kannamma asked her to stop worrying about it. Venu appreciate Kannamma. Anjali comes there. Venu asks her to inform him whenever she is going out. Bharathi reaches there. Soundarya questions him why did he late? He informs to her that he had some work. She questions her what did Hema said? Venu says that Hema wished to go there so she will be happy only. Soundarya says that he fulfilled her wish. Two people bring AC and informs to Bharathi that she refused to accept it.

Bharathi inform to her that he brought it for Kannamma. He asks her to stop imagining something he noticed there is no facility in her house. It’s so hot always inside her house that’s why he booked this AC for Hema. He complaints that Kannamma showing her attittude to him that’s why she refused to accept it.

Soundarya questions him why didn’t he asked her permission before booking it? Bharathi tells her that he didn’t done anything wrong to her instead helping her. Soundarya says to him its his mistake thinking she will accept his help. She refused to accept it because of self respect. Soundarya says to him that let Hema face this situation too. She wanna used to all situation. Bharathi questions her why should she used to it? Venu too supports Soundarya.

Bharathi complaints that even Kannamma refused to accept his money too. Soundarya questions him why did he do like that? Is he wanna pay for the food and stay then why don’t he send Hema to hotel? Kannamma is not the one to scope his money she don’t sell love for money. She know well to take care of Hema. Venu says to him that she has self respect so she never accepted their money for her lives. Bharathi complaints that they are still supporting her whom betrayed him and leaves.

Shanthi questions Venba doesn’t she love Bharathi a lot she wishes to marry him even after he married to someone. Is he love her back? Venba nods to her he loves her a lot that’s why he is coming to meet her often when he has trouble. Shanthi tells her its the problem here he is meeting her always when he has trouble. If he loves her then he would have gifted her something. She nods negatively. She questions her Is he buy Jasmin for her at least? She nods negatively. Shanthi asks her to think about her state. Bharathi comes there and starts blabbering his issues with her.

Venba asks him to explain her. Venba questions him where did he meet her? Bharathi says to her that he felt hot in Kannamma’s house so he brought AC for her but Kannamma refused to accept it. She questions him why did he buy it for her? He says to her Hema is there. She questions him how come she went there? He says to her he dropped her there.

Episode ends.